How to: Beachy Waves for Short Hair

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beachy waves for short hairCurling Wand (similar) / Sachajuan Shampoo + Conditioner / Fave4 / Aveda

Lets dive right in shall we? After I cut my hair I have had the biggest struggle learning how to curl my hair. I finally picked up a few tricks and can finally curl my hair to the perfect set of beachy waves. Here are my tips…

  • Prepping your hair is VERY important! I have been loving this Sachajuan shampoo and conditioner for volume. When I curl my hair I need all the volume I can get. (My hair is super slick and smooth, so it’s very hard for me to get volume, or for a style to hold.)
  • Once I have washed my hair I like to prep it with my Aveda Be Curly Enhancer.
  • Next I blow dry. (Do not try to curl your hair when it’s wet or even damp, that will destroy it and add so much damage to your hair!)
  • After my hair is all dried I spray what I call the glory spray, because this stuff is just God sent. I LOVE the Fave4 Texture Takeover. I spray the texture takeover as I move on to each section of my hair.
  • You want to grab about ½” to a 1″ of hair. If you grab any less you will have tight little curls and on the flip side if you add too much hair, you won’t be able to get enough heat to actually curl your hair. I should probably tell you that my wand is a 1″ wand from Kor. (I actually got this at a stand inside the mall for A LOT cheaper.)
  • When curling my hair I like to alternate curling backwards and forwards (see pictures below to see what I am talking about). I love the way it looks this way, it adds dimension and doesn’t look so perfect-ish. Also, for more of a beachy look, I always leave about 1″ of the bottom my hair loose (or not wrapped around the wand). This little step is what will make the curls and your look more relaxed and beachy perfect.
  • Once I have finished curling I spray some more Texture Takeover all over and shake the curls loose and then I am all done!

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Pretty easy right?! I hope this has answered all your questions on how I curl my hair! If you have anymore questions feel free to email me, or message me on IG or Facebook. I will be more than glad to help! Stay tuned for my DIY hair mask next week. (I didn’t want information overload today.) I had so much fun doing all my beauty tips and tricks this week! I would love to hear from you on what you would like to see more of! Comment below and let me know!

Happy Friday and Labor Day weekend! xoxo,

  • Thank you indeed for the helpful post. For me this is one of the most useful posts I have ever read on this topic “how to beachy waves for short hair”. I am not as expert as you in this domain but I think Prepping your hair is VERY important!. it is also better to consider spray some more Texture Takeover all over as you said

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