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How to Buy the Right Denim

We have talked all about denim over the past week. Everything you need to know about denim. The essentials, what denim is made out of, the different washes, and more. Now it’s time to talk about how to buy the right denim. Today you read a breakdown and a guide when it comes to shopping for your denim.

When it comes to finding THE perfect pair of denim for you, you need to keep a few things in mind.

  • Your favorite style of denim. Is it boyfriend-fit, skinny, straight-leg? High rise, low rise, mid rise?
  • Your favorite wash. Dark wash,light wash, stone wash- so many to choose from!
  • What the fabric makeup is. Is it 100% cotton? Does it have elastane?
  • Pocket size. This matters because it can make or break how the booty looks!
  • The inseam number. Especially when shopping online!

Let’s break down each bullet point below;

Everything you need to know on How to Buy the Right Denim for YOU. Here you'll find  5 tips and how to shop for denim!

choose your style

As I mentioned above, we already went in a little on the different washes in the last post and what I believe are essential. But, remember, those essentials may look different for you. But before shopping, ask yourself what style is your favorite. Are they high-rise denim? Low-rise? Do you like dark indigo washes? Or stone wash? You have so many options here!

Overall, dark wash denim can be worn as a business casual as well. The lighter the wash, the more casual they are. Pay attention to the whiskering or shading too! Light shading in denim brings attention and can make things look bigger or wider. Typically you see shading down the thighs or butt.

Everything you need to know on How to Buy the Right Denim for YOU. Here you'll find  5 tips and how to shop for denim!

what is the fabric like?

When shopping for denim, pay close attention to the fabric. What’s the cotton %, and what’s the elastane %? The higher the cotton, the better quality! Elastane (or Lycra) is how much stretch. Right around 2% of elastane is a good number. That prevents any sagging around the knees or butt. Remember, denim does stretch over time! I always pay VERY close attention to the knee area and am very particular about keeping things streamlined ALL the way down my legs.

If you don’t want any stretch at all. Then look for rigid denim, which means a high cotton %. Levi is FAMOUS for their rigid jeans. You either love it, or hate it. You also may have to go up a size or two in rigid denim.

Elly wears a floral top with black coated denim for a fall outfit look perfect for thanksgiving!

pay attention to the rear

Your pocket proportions matter. Small butt= small pockets. Big butt= big pockets, or else things will visually look “off”. Small pockets on a bigger booty will only emphasize your shape.

Pockets should also be centered at the fullest part of your butt. If your hips are a bit wider, try finding pockets closer together to balance the look. And vice versa on more petite butts. How high or low the pocket matters too. Pockets should be centered or end right where the bottom meets your leg.

Pay close attention to the yoke placement too! The yoke is the v-shaped section on the back of the jeans. The deeper the v- the more round your rear can look.

Pro tip: pay attention to the front zipper size too! Shorter zippers can look very unflattering and accentuate your midsection. Front zippers should take up a majority of the front area.
Elly wears a floral top with black coated denim for a fall outfit look perfect for thanksgiving!

know your inseam number

Finally, know your inseam number. This is best when shopping online. But knowing your inseam number can help you decide if you need to shop for the brand’s petite section or tall. It can also help determine what shoes you can wear for that pair of denim.

Honestly, I would 10/10 recommend shopping in person when it comes to shopping for denim. Shopping for denim online can get tricky REALLY fast. Finding the right denim can be challenging.

I hope this how-to buy the right denim guide helped you today! Make sure to save and bookmark this page for the next time you go shopping!

Thank you so much for stopping by, have a great day!

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