How to Curl Your Bob

The most frequently asked question I get asked is how to curl your bob (or lob- AKA long bob). I have had short hair longer than not having short here. 3 years ago my very first youtube video was actually how to curl short hair and I cringe watching that video everytime too!

I thought it was about time to update this blog post and share a NEW how-to video so let’s jump right into it…

One thing I will mention over and over again is to get a texture spray (see my favorite texture sprays here)! For me, it is my saving grace when it comes to curling my hair. It helps my curls last longer and also gives it jusssst enough volume.

The second thing is (and this will be a personal thing), but, I have tried to use an actual curler over my wand, and I ALWAYS go back to my wand. I know the T3 comes with a hefty price tag, but man, this wand is good. If you can add it to a wish list or splurge, I would highly recommend it!

The last thing I will mention is to practice! Practice makes perfect. You can only watch so many videos until you have actually to try yourself.

I hope the video below is easy to follow along. If you have any questions, make sure to comment below!

Products used: Navy Texture Spray use code “UPTOWN” for 30% off // T3 Curling Iron

Thanks for stopping by!









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I love seeing you use a wand! I’ve been debating getting one or not, so I think I will now!


I love this video, Elly – great job!! Thanks for sharing the different ways to create curls using the wand – I have always wondered how to use a curling wand! I have been using a traditional curling iron and it is on it’s last leg, so I have been trying to decide what type of curling iron to use next!

xx, Emily


First, thanks for the tip about texture spray! My hair has never held curls well, so I’m anxious to try that. Beyond that, do you use any specific type of hair spray to keep your curls? Thank you!!


What brand of texture spray did you use?

Amanda @ Anchored to Sunshine

I love this video! It’s so fun 🙂 I feel like if I tried to make one it would take about 6 hours, so your 5 hours isn’t looking too bad haha


I have a wand at home that is more narrow at the tip and then get wider at the base. Will that give me the same effect? Or do I need to get a wand that is the same width all the way around? 🙂


Thank you!! I have a shorter long bob. Probably about your length actually. Ok I’ll try that. Thanks again!


What brand of texturizing spray did you use? I couldn’t catch what you said or read the label… :/. Thank you!


I have shorter hair again after a year of growing it out and never mastered curling before. I would get the bottom layer done but always move right to the whole second top half of my hair. Now I see I was releasing to much hair at once. Thanks for posting this video, love the light and dark color of your hair too! So glad I found your video on pinterest.


Great tutorial! Can you share where you got that adorable tie up shirt?!


Just curious about using the dry shampoo- you say you use it before you get in the shower….I’m assuming you don’t wash your hair in the shower then?
Love the curls and video. Was debating on getting a wand, but definitely will.


Hi great video! I just cut my hair short and I’ve been having a hard time curling it but this video really helped. What kind of texture spray do you use in the video?


Hey there! Great video! I’ve recently cut my hair the same way you have it here in the video, and still haven’t mastered the curling. I’m going to try this! But I have a question, on the video with each section you start in front and work back. Expert the final section. You started halfway back. Did you do anything different on that front right section? It turned out exactly how I try to get mine! Adorable!


I noticed you dont use a glove with your wand…does tjis wand not heat up that high? All of mine feel really hot even w/the included glove


Hi! I have long hair and thinking of cutting it short… Do you have layers, and what style would your hair be considered? Long Bob, A-line? Thanks for the tutorial!


Love this! What lipstick are you wearing?


First off, your hair is so cute! I love the ombre + bob combination. My hair has a really hard time holding curl, so I definitely need to try some texturizing spray next time! Thanks for an awesome tutorial!


My hair is your length and I love your curls! I just bought a 1 inch wand and turned it up all the way and burnt the fire out of myself! So now I’m scared of it ha ha! I tried the glove but I cannot feel my hair in my hand well :(. Maybe if the heat was turned down and I just held it longer it wouldn’t leave a mark. What temp setting did you put yours on?


Hey do you brush your hair before or after you spray the texture spray at the end?


Oh my gosh I can’t thank you enough for this! I just cut my hair into a bob and was so bummed thinking I wouldn’t be able to curl it. I am beyond excited to try out your tips :))


I need your advice!! I am trying to get away from washing my hair every day, so I will buy that dry shampoo….but how do I apply it? I just cut my long hair off; it’s a little shorter than yours in the video. How do I apply the dry shampoo to my hair for it to be most effective?


I love this look! The bob style is so cute, and I think the curls give it a nice touch! Thanks so much for the tips!


So cute! Love your hair!

Maggie Elizabeth

Hey Elly! So I’ve had short hair for about 3 weeks now and it’s about the same length as yours in this video. I’ve tried using a wand, which normally works for me, and a flat iron which always curled my hair before. And just really haven’t had any luck since I’ve cut it. Do you possibly have any other tips?


Thank you for sharing. Having short hair for the first time in years, this is a really helpful video.


Love , love, love your tutorial! I already have a wand but needed to know the technique and products. So helpful!
Thank you!


Hi Elly, I have a cheekbone length bob and I’m wondering if a wand would help curl my hair? I’ve tried rollers but I can’t reach the back by myself which is more layered. I’ve always wanted curly hair as mine is so straight. Thanks!