How to Make Your Mornings Run Smoother

Morning with kids… is hectic. From the moment they wake up, it’s like 100 miles per hour. Somehow all my kids also inherited my husband’s morning personality, so here at the Brown household, it’s crazy- 24/7- even at 7 AM. Over the years, I have learned five simple things that need to be done for smoother mornings. Let me preface by saying that these are not groundbreaking tips, and they are simple. BUT, when applied DAILY– it makes a HUGE difference. Here’s how to make your mornings run smoother

Houston lifestyle blogger Elly Brown shares 3 things you need to be doing and How to Make Your Mornings Run Smoother- everyday!

How to Make Your Mornings Run Smoother

  1. Go to bed early. I know, I know. This isn’t groundbreaking. But good sleep habits will make a HUGE difference in not just your morning routine, but every other area of your life.
  2. Wake up early. Another given, but if you have kids, waking up at the same time will make you feel like you are continually playing catch-up throughout the day. Trust me, been there done that. I would suggest waking up AT LEAST an hour before everyone else.
  3. Have your quiet time before anything ELSE. Before you shower, before you work. Grab your cup of coffee and sit in silence! Read your book, pray, meditate- whatever makes you zen- do it!
  4. Get ready for the day. There is something about getting ready for the day. It doesn’t have to be glam or take an hour. But, get a shower and put on some cute clothes or loungewear! I pinky promise, getting ready for the day also makes a huge difference.
  5. Don’t wake up to a messy house. Try to do the dishes and straightening up before you go to bed! It’s one less thing to do in the morning, and will help you get started on the right foot!


There you have it; those are my tips on how to make your mornings run smoother. As I mentioned, it’s not rocket science, but with discipline, they will help you keep a little bit of your sanity in the mornings. Especially during quarantine.



What are somethings you do to help your mornings run smoother? I would love to hear them, comment down below!


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