How to start a blog + A business casual look

how to start a blog

Today we are going to kick off my blogging Q&A series with a few of the most popular questions I get asked… How to start a blog?!

Well, you just do it. Pretty easy right? Just kidding. There is more to it. A lot more to it. Blogging is not roses and sunshine and getting free things. Yes, the gifts are nice, and it’s like Christmas morning all year-long, but hours of prepping go into every post. Getting ready, taking pictures, editing them, planning your post, and finally sharing on social media. A lot of work!

Houston blogger Elly Brown breaks down her tips on how to start a blog + a business casual look to help motivate you to just do it!

Houston fashion blogger Elly Brown wears a paper bag pants with a red clutch

Speaking of work, my blog is my business. I treat it as such. Blogging for some may be a hobby (and that’s okay) but they blog pays for my bills and shoe obsession (ha!). My blog also has expenses, like paying for a photographer, keeping my website up to date, and so on.Houston fashion blogger Elly Brown wears a paper bag pants with a red clutch

I haven’t scared you yet have I? Okay good, let’s keep going…

  1. Chose your blog name. Once you have a blog name, get your domain name. You can get anyone like Bluehost or GoDaddy. Do your research on the hosting companies, you want to go with the one that has less downtime.  You can choose to have your blog on blogger or WordPress (mine is on WordPress). Note: Blogger is owned by Google, so at any point, they can take your blog down. WordPress is not very user-friendly but, you get used to it.  When choosing your blog name, do your research to make sure it’s unique and that it’s also not taken on any social media accounts. I would also suggest registering your blog as a business, and trademarking your blog name.
  2. Start designing your blog, and make it YOU! Also, don’t forget to add a privacy policy to your blog page (better safe than sorry). Sky’s the limit here. If you are not good with coding like I am, you can get help. Thankfully Carrie has been the sweetest with helping me getting with anything blog related done.
  3. Create your social media pages. IG, Twitter, Facebook Page, Pinterest, Tumblr, Google+, Snapchat, and Linkedin.  All your social media should be coherent, work on building ALL of them TOGETHER. I wish I would have done that, and now I am playing catch up with other outlets like my Facebook Page. (Read more on not leaving your eggs all in one basket by my friend Meg O. on the Go.)
  4. Get active on social media! Start posting, liking, tweeting, pinning and snapping. Make (yes make) your friends follow you and have them help spread the word! Hopefully, you don’t really have to make your friends do this. oh and by getting active I mean active, don’t just post once a day and go MIA. That’s no good!
  5. Start posting. (on the blog, duh!) Aim for to 2-3 times a week.
  6. Network. Join Facebook blogging groups and learn from others! I can not stress this enough!! Have a blogging tribe, where you can share, learn and grow with each other!

Houston fashion blogger Elly Brown wears the HOME tee with paper bag pants Houston fashion blogger Elly Brown wears a paper bag pants with a red clutch

Houston fashion blogger Elly Brown wears a paper bag pants with nude sandals

Houston fashion blogger Elly Brown wears a paper bag pants with nude sandals

Now on to the back-end work…

  1. Set up your google analytics. This will help you keep track of your page views. (this will help you when collaborating with brands).
  2. Configure your search console. Make sure Google is able to crawl through your website. (this helps with ranking and the search engine on google). This will help you monitor your referrals, and if you need to fix any broken links.
  3. Set up Google Adwords.
  4. Create a newsletter for your blog. And make it pretty! My biggest pet peeve is to see such a pretty blog, and with a horrible newsletter. Make them match in colors, text, and everything. Make it coherent!
  5. Create your blog email. Preferably
  6. Learn about SEO and what it does and how it can help you.

Houston fashion blogger Elly Brown wears a paper bag pants with nude sandals

I think I have covered the basics. As you see, there is a lot that goes into a blog, it’s work, late nights, and the work doesn’t end. Whatever you do, don’t give up. Push through and roll up those sleeves, I promise you the reward is amazing! Being able to connect with so many people, and know that they trust me for all things fashion, beauty and motherhood makes it priceless. I have met some of the greatest people through blogging. Also, being able to work with so many great brands is the icing on the cake!

Stay tuned as I go deeper into all things blogging like making money, affiliate links, and the things I have learned along the way! I hope you enjoyed part one of the series on how to start a blog! As always if I missed anything, and you have any questions just ask away! I love being able to connect with you.

Don’t quit your daydream! xoxo

Houston fashion blogger Elly Brown wears a paper bag pants with nude sandals Affiliate links:  Tee /  Pants / Shoes / Clutch /  Tassel Keychain

Photog By Ailee Petrovic



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How To Start A Blog

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Absolutely LOVE the way you’ve styled this outfit, you’re looking so cute and chic! I like your sunnies and tee very much.


I love those pants! I’m in major need of some culottes!

AM Dun

Love this post, Elly! Blogging is definitely a TON more work than it looks. Can’t wait for more insight into your process.

Sarah | Birch Landing Home

Great post, blogging definitely is a lot more work than people realize!

Also, all the “free” stuff you get definitely isn’t free! Not only do you have to do all the work on the blog to feature it, you have to pay taxes on the item you got too (boooo).


Love the pants! Thank you for all the great advise!


Thanks for the post a lot of helpful things.

Larisse Espinueva

I love your style! Also, great tips for people who want to start blogs. Basically it’s find what you love and let the world know about it. People will start to follow. 🙂