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How to Style Combat Boots 5 Ways

Combat boots have been one item that has grown on me and A LOT. Not that I didn’t love a good pair of combat boots, but I just didn’t think I would love styling them and wearing them THIS much. I also didn’t expect to be sharing how to style combat boots, but here we are.

Elly Brown wears combat boots with faux leather leggings and a wool jacketOutfit details: sweater / jacket / boots / hat

That’s the beauty of fashion, right? I mean, I may regret some of these outfits five years from now, but I like them now, and that’s what matters. Fashion is unique to each, it evolves (as you evolve), and it’s all about having fun. You have to try things out. Five years ago, I would never have dressed so edgy, but again- here we are!

Elly Brown wears a plaid slit skirt from zara with combat boots

outfit details: sweater / jacket / skirt / boots 

I do appreciate a good boot in the wintertime. I have loved these from steve madden; they are light on the feet and keep them warm. And as you can see, you can style them so many ways! P.S if you’re ever looking for different ways to style an item or a trend- head over to Pinterest for endless inspo!

Elly brown wears faux leather shorts with stockings and combat boots with a shacket

outfit details: sweater / shacket / shorts / stockings / boots

There are no right or wrong on how to style combat boots, my tip is to find the one you love, and the one you will get the most cost per wear. You don’t want to buy too heavy boots, or it’ll make them very uncomfortable. So, pay close attention to how heavy they are! Also, invest a little more, and you’ll be sure to find a pair that will last you YEARS and YEARS.

Elly Browns wears a waist belt over her scarf and wool coat.

outfit details: dress / jacket / scarf / belt / boots

Don’t forget; you don’t have to wear combat boots just during the wintertime. Unless, of course, you live in Houston, and the summer feels like torture. Combat boots with a summer outfit can be worn too! Take this look, for example, and this one

Other ways to wear combats boots with;

  • Leggings (just remember, leggings are not pants, so cover things up!
  • Black jeans! Sky’s the limit with what top or jacket you want to pair your look with
  • Dresses! Lacey, flirty, feminine, t-shirt dresses- you name it. Mix and match feminine with edgy pieces!
  • Slip skirts! Add a graphic tee for a “cool” look

elly brown wears a tweed blazer with skinny jeans and combat boots

outfit details: blazer / sweater / jeans / boots

Shop some of my favorite boots below;



Comment down below, which look is your favorite? Mine would be a toss-up between look one and five. 


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