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How to Wear Golden Goose Sneakers

Golden Gooses has been a hot topic for a while now and the truth is I still love mine! A few years ago (2018 to be exact) I asked if you thought Golden Gooses were worth the money. I can say that after having them for the last few years they were worth it for me (at least when I think about cost per wear)! I love being able to style them so many ways, whether it is dressing them up or down.

The issue here for many (if not all) is how pricey they are. If you REALLY want them, I would recommend getting them on sale. You can almost always find a pair on sale on Selfridges or gilt. TBH though, I am not a fan of GGD sneakers with a lot of patterns and colors. Mine is pretty minimal and I recently added leopard laces to them. I also probably won’t be buying another pair. I’ve got one, and that’s good for me. 

You’ll have to let me know below what you think of them, I know so many people who LOVE them and HATE them?.

First things first, I got my golden goose sneakers close to a year ago and wrote all about them here. So, if you’re looking to see if they are worth the investment make sure to visit that blog post first.

Now on to how to wear golden goose sneakers! It’s easy… however you want to wear them! My only caution would be depending on the color or print of your GGD sneakers. Because I did go with a white pair- mine are very versatile. This is why the cost per wear for me on these are low. One of the reasons why I think the GGD sneakers pair so well with so many outfits is because of the low profile on them. 

Two of the looks up top are older looks, and when I was pregnant with Audrey, but because golden goose sneakers are still such a trend, I wanted to share a few new and updated looks with you! 

Outfit details: top / shorts / anorak / hat / earrings
This look is perfect from Barre to brunch with your friends!

 Outfit details: dress / necklace / earrings
The cutest Spring babydoll dress, but this time dressed down.

Outfit details: dress / jacket (similar) / hat / necklace / earrings
Perfect look for those chilly mornings while your running errands!

Outfit details: top / pants / blazer / earrings
This is a great chic yet comfy outfit. I love dressing up my t-shirt and jeans look with a blazer.

Outfit details: top / shorts / hat / earrings
This may be my favorite look of them all. I LOVE this top for Spring/Summer and again the sneakers make the outfit casual and cool all at the same time.

I would love to hear from you, what are your thoughts on the golden goose sneakers? What look is your favorite?!




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Love your outfit, Elly! You look super cute! ?✨

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog


how did you break these in?!?!


I want to know the same thing! I just got my first pair, and I am soooo disappointed at how uncomfortable they are. I took out the inner platform piece and replaced it with Dr. Scholl’s extra thick inserts, which helped a little. But I wore them all day today and was in serious pain. I feel like getting rid of them, but since I paid $500 for them, I can’t bring myself to do it! 🙁

Elizabeth Perez

You made me want to get some Golden Goose with how cool you made them look. I kept putting it off for years because of the price. My husband surprised me with some for Christmas 2020 and I love them! Now I want another pair. Thank you for being you.

Alex John

You made me need to get some Golden Goose with how cool you made them look. I continued to procrastinate for quite a long time as a result of the cost. My better half shocked me with some for Christmas 2020 and I love them! Presently I need another pair. Much thanks to you for being you.