New Years Resolution

How to wear over the knee boots How to wear over the knee boots

It’s officially the New Year! I hope you had a great New Years! We ended up eating with family for an early dinner then had our close friends come over and we popped fireworks into the wee hours (by wee I really mean 12am, because that’s WAY past my bedtime).

Past few months I have been thinking long and hard about setting my New Years resolutions. I don’t want to set them just to set them. I really want to stick by them and really follow through and to be dedicated to improveing myself – to be a  better wife, mom, and friend. I am believing for an amazing year this year! I’m praying for God’s favor on Uptown and praying for him to reveal himself to me more than ever before.

I want to share with you my New Years resolution because I’m going to need you to keep me accountable and hoping to maybe inspire you was well to set resolutions for yourself, or to add a few extra to your list- haha!

  1. Read the entire bible, cover to cover. I don’t mean just read, but to really study, to get a new perspective of God, of the great people who came before me. My sister told me about She Reads Truth, they have an app (which I downloaded) and they have a study guide to help you read the bible in one year. Best part is that you can connect with other women and read along!
  2. Be on time. I used to be good on being on time. No scratch that, I was sometimes on time. I know it’s horrible, but now with kids, I feel like I am never on time. It’s so disrespectful! I’ve started to set a timer to leave the house 3o minutes of when I really need to leave to be on time.
  3. Get off my phone. This one is a hard one for me, because my job requires me to be on my phone. I tend to always be on my phone when we are waiting somewhere or in the car. I need to break this habit, so I am now starting to leave my phone behind like in the car, or even at home.
  4. Take weekend trips. I want to explore with the boys and take them to see new places. Especially before they start school.
  5. Practice patience, especially with my kids. I don’t know if it’s the latin in me, or maybe that I am home with them all the time. But I need to learn to choose my battles and not sweat the small stuff.
  6. Say “no” more. This last month has been rough on me. An over packed schedule and a list of filled of to-dos, I went crazy! Now that I look back, I realize none of it really mattered. In the end I was stressed out, tired, and overwhelmed.
  7. Focus on what really matters. Life is short, and I spend way too much of my time worrying on what others are doing, (or what they are not doing). I am always worrying on things that just don’t deserve my time or worry. I have so much to be thankful for!

So what are some of your New Years resolution? Do you have someone to keep you accountable? If not, make sure you do and make sure to keep them accountable on their resolution! Iron sharpens iron!

Happy New Year! I can’t wait to see what 2016 has in store for Uptown and my little family! Cheers!

How to wear over the knee boots How to wear over the knee boots How to wear over the knee boots How to wear over the knee boots How to wear over the knee boots How to wear over the knee boots How to wear over the knee boots How to wear over the knee bootsAffiliate links: Shirt (similar and under $30) / Skirt (similar)/ OTK Boots (similar) / Crossbody bag / Bracelets

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I love the SRT app! It has been my favorite way to study the Bible last year. They also do an awesome Lent study and Advent study every year to prepare for the holidays. I hope you enjoy it too!

Sarah philips

I’ve been trying to find a way to read the bible and connect more with scripture. I started reading it last year and got off track and just bogged down. Just downloaded the “she reads truth” app– can’t wait to follow along! What a great suggestion. Btw if you haven’t read it, “what women fear” by Angie Smith is another great read.


I would love to find the study guide on the app for reading the Bible in a year…what should I search for to find it? What a great idea!


Can’t believe how CUTE you are!

Keep Smiling!