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How to Wear Sequins Casually

I know the holidays are well over, but that does not mean you can nor should you put away all your holiday outfits. We talk a lot here about the cost per wear. And I want you to always get the most out of your closet, to shop smart, and genuinely LOVE what you have (and also rock it). So today, I want to share a few ideas on how to wear sequins casually.

First, let’s talk about a few ways you can wear them, and then we will break down a few ways I wore them down below. Obv, you can wear sequins dressed up for a fun night out. That is a given- and you CAN wear sequins and bling all year round. Not just during the New Year! Remember- if you like them, wear them!

Here are a few ways to wear your sequins casually during the colder months.

1️⃣Wear your sequins with sneakers. Sneakers can instantly dress down any outfit.
2️⃣Wear your sequin with denim. If you have a skirt or joggers, wear them with a chambray top. Or if you have a sequin top, wear it with jeans.
3️⃣Remember to keep the accessories to a minimum. The sequins will be enough alone. You don’t want to add anything to compete with it. Let THE sequin piece do the talking.
4️⃣Wear your sequin with a tee. Even better if it’s a graphic tee or graphic sweater!
5️⃣Try mixing your textiles! For example, try knits with sequins, utility with sequins, or leather with sequins!

Pair them with Sneakers

Look 1: Top // Jeans // Shoes // Bag (Similar)
Look 2: Dress // Jacket (similar) // Shoes

Here are two ways you can wear your sequins with sneakers. You’ll also see me wearing it with denim for look one, and then with a utility jacket AND sneakers for the second look. You don’t have to combine all of the different ways above in one look, but you can pick and choose from them. Both these looks are great for the daytime!

Add Denim

Top // Jeans // Boots // Bag // Hat

Whether it’s jeans to pair with your sequin top or a chambray top to pair with your sequin skirt or joggers, denim and sequins look GOOD. This is the same outfit up top, but I recently bought these boots, and I have been wearing them non-stop. I wanted to share how an accessory as simple as a hat can change your look of the day.

Pair with Combat boots

Look 1: Dress // Tights // Bag // Belt // Necklace // Boots
Look 2: Dress // Tights // Boots // Blazer (similar) // Belt

Combat boots may not make much sense during the hot summer Houston months, but I really LOVE the rugged look of boots paired with sequins during the cooler months. The contrast for me is everything! SO even if you don’t have combat boots but have lugged boots, they would also work. I’m also very into stockings (which is a great way to add layers and warmth in the cooler months). This belted blazer look is my favorite look too! You can opt-out of the belt over the blazer if you’re looking for more of a relaxed look.

Do you have any sequins in your closet? Which look do you love? Be sure to let me know below!! Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope you’re inspired to wear your sequins casually. And if you do, make sure to tag me on social so I can see ?.




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