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How to Wear Your Summer Dresses in the Fall

Fall is HERE, maybe not in Houston, but somewhere in the US other people are experiencing cooler sweater weather (can you tell I’m bitter🤣)? So we will begin to shift gears a little and help you transition your summer looks into fall looks—all about keeping the CPW (cost per wear) down and getting the most out of YOUR closet. So to kick off the fall vibes, we will be sharing and talking about how to wear your summer dresses in the fall.

Let’s get straight into it because there is a lot I want to cover. But first, remember- fashion is unique to YOU. This is about building YOUR wardrobe. I hope this series gives you a fresh or new idea on how to style something you already maybe own in your closet, or if you see an item that makes sense to purchase and buy- then I hope to help with that! The tips below or just my suggestions and are not “rules.” At the end of the day- HAVE FUN, PLEASE do not let other people’s opinions of what looks good or not keep you from wearing what you want.

Also, a lot of these pieces are old, but I want to speak generally about the looks so you can get an idea. I also want to mention when layering your dresses, pay close attention to how your dress fits you, generally if you’re layering, whether it is under or over your dress lets the whole look be well balanced. Fitted dress, fitted layers. Flowy dress, flowy layers. If you apply this general look, I think you’ll nail your outfit every time.


What makes a great transitional dress, well transitional? Well, one big thing is the fabric and its weight of it. It’s still light, so you’re not sweating, but enough to keep you warm to transition you into cooler nights. Also, great transitional dresses are some that may have long sleeves but are midi in length. And, If you need more coverage, you can add boots to keep your legs warm. A dress like this can go great with white boots or dark brown boots from the dark brown shade in the dress. I love floral dresses like this. They are SO easy to transition because of the colors.

Elly Brown shows how to wear a white dress in the fall with knee hight boots a waist belt and blazer


A classic white button-up dress (except this isn’t entirely) button-up. Don’t be afraid to wear white! White in the winter goes excellent with olive green, brown, black, and grey! Why this look works; You can see all the colors I am wearing are being pulled from the blazer itself. I also love the added element of the belted blazer in this look.

You don’t have to always accentuate the waist, but sometimes adding a belt around your dress or outfit can look very pretty!


I know we all have a black knit dress in our closet. This would also be and has been my airport travel look. SO cozy, and I love how “cool” the sneakers look with this look. This cardigan is a splurge, but SO dang comfy. Mango has some similar ones for a better bang for your buck. You can also add ankle booties if you don’t like wearing sneakers with dresses.

Longline coats are going to probably be the best way to layer over your dresses. You can also add a belt OVER the coat and it’s SO chic!

Elly Brown shows how to wear a slip dress in the fall by layering it with a sweater and boots

If this slip dress doesn’t say I live in Texas, I don’t know what does. You can grab your favorite sweater or cardigan and throw it OVER the dress. You can wear it just like that and throw on your favorite boots, OR you can belt it for more of a fitted silhouette.

My tip for this is to make sure you pay attention to the fit of the sweater and your dress. You don’t want a fitted dress and an oversized sweater tucked with your belt. What that will do is create a top-heavy look that won’t look very flattering. Try to balance your look! And, please pay close attention to your waist and where you’re placing your sweater & belt. Something like this is not very flattering IMO, I don’t think the length of the dress and the sweater are doing her frame justice.


Another example of layering here. One closet item you probably own is a button-up top. or a turtle neck, both look great to layer UNDER some of your dresses. They come SO in handy and, again, are excellent basics to have and use to layer. Here I layered my button-up for an extra light layer under my dress and paired them both with my motto jacket. You can choose your shoe of choice here!

shop: dress (not many sizes left & on sale!)


Last but not least, my very favorite look, and one I will wear several times. Another easy way to layer your dress, and winterize your look with a good pair of boots!

Thank you so much for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed this BYOW: For more inspiration and ideas on how to layer your dress, come look at this Pinterest board for more ideas. You’ll love it. I promise! Or visit BYOW for more tips

Comment down below, which look is your favorite?

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Md.Monir Hossain

this is really most helpful content , thank’s for share this


Looking stunning in this look. It’s simple yet stylish. Love your style and earrings. I want the same for me.