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Linen Guide: How to Wear & What to buy

Can you even spell summer without linen? Don’t answer that… I love a good linen piece in the summer. LOVE. I don’t love how easy it wrinkles, but I LOVE how chic linen is. It’s easy, and breezy, and a closet staple. And, I’m talking you classic items that will last. So, let’s talk about how to wear linen.

I know summer is almost over, but it’s also not. So now is a good time to buy a good, quality piece of linen because you’ll find it on sale. Kind of the same as how you don’t buy jackets beginning the season and wait until the end of the season to get a sale!?

With that said, the five pieces below are closet linen staples I think are good to own. Also, here is a small list of places and brands I recommend buying when it comes to linen.

Shona Joy
Veronica Beard

Top // Jacket // Shorts // Sneakers

how to wear linen shorts

I would say have fun with linen shorts! You have so many options to venture out and find some adorable linen shorts that can even be worn with a simple white tee. If not, your black or white shorts work just fine! If you buy a linen blazer, try grabbing the same color shorts so you can wear them as a suit or separately!

Dress // Purse // Shoes

how to wear a linen dress

For linen dresses, I would go with a classic white or black one. Then, find a style that can be easily dressed up or down—something maybe like a slip silhouette. Think about a dress you can wear with white sneakers during the day, and maybe throw on strappy heels for a date night or girls’ weekend brunch.

Blazer // Top // Shorts // Shoes // Purse // Sunglasses

how to wear a linen blazer

Blazers- my favorite category! Go for a classic fit instead of an oversized fit. It’ll be more versatile and timeless as well. Start with a white or black one, and you can stop there, or if you want color, you can find a navy blue, an army green, or even a pink one!

Top // Jeans // Shoes // Necklace

how to wear a linen top

I LOVE a button-up linen top. It’s classic, chic, and the coastal grandma vibe we all love right now. They also double up as a good cover-up while on vacation. If you want to venture out here, you can also find a pretty floral print or even a short sleeve linen top if you like. These look so cute with denim shorts too!

Top (similar) // Skirt // Shoes

how to wear a linen skirt

I wouldn’t say linen skirts are a MUST-have, but I think it’s an excellent option other than linen shorts. They are fun to have, comfortable, and a change from denim. Again, stick to classic silhouettes, and find a color you can wear with everything!

Do you have and own any linen pieces in your closet? If so, do you wear them every Spring and Summer? Comment below and let me know what you think!

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