Little Duck Organic Snacks with Jadyn & Colin

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A special thanks to Little Duck Organics  for sending us these yummy snacks!

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I know it’s been a while since my last #familyFridays but to be honest when I heard  the news on Jamie passing, it just didn’t feel right.

Let’s talk snacks shall we? My boys LOVE to eat. I can’t complain about having picky eaters, it is very hard to find something they don’t like. I think they are such great eaters because we introduced them to food at a very young age, and by young, I mean 4 months old. It’s a Brazilian custom to make the babies homemade soup with pasta, rice, veggies and chicken. So once they were 4 months Grandma would ALWAYS make soup for the boys, and man oh man did the boys love grandmas soup.

Fast forward to now and we have two great eaters. (YAY!) Our biggest concern at home is feeding them the right kind of food. You don’t have to teach them to like fries, or donuts, or cake. A couple of years ago I watched a documentary on GMO. I was shaken to the core by this documentary. Ever since then we try to buy everything GMO free and organic. Making sure that we eat our very best is our top priority.

Little Duck Organics does just that. That is why I love them, and the boys love them because they are actually yummy! Little Duck Organic snacks are GMO free, NO sugar added, NO preservatives, and NOthing but the best! I also have a confession, I actually have been eating them myself! haha! My favorite is Pineapple Apple&Pea snack because it’s a little tangy, and I love tangy!

So, what are some of your child’s favorite snacks? Do you have picky eaters on your hand and if so, what are some tricks that you use to help them eat?

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