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Lookbook: Sneaker Outfit Ideas

I love my heels, and I have more than I can count. But you know what else I also love? Sneakers! Since getting the new air force ones a couple of weeks back, I’ve gotten asked to share more sneaker outfit ideas- so I am here to deliver!

I am breaking it down below into three categories- athletics, every day, and lux sneakers. Along with a few outfits ideas in each category. Remember, sneakers will automatically dress down any look when it comes to an OOTD with sneakers. You CAN pair your dresses with sneakers; I would pay close attention to the fabric and how dressy the dress is (I wouldn’t pair a ball gown with sneakers). But your everyday sundresses are perfect for a sneaker outfit! Wear your sneakers with blazers and denim, biker shorts and a graphic tee, a jumpsuit, and even ribbed knit dresses.

Sneakers are a great way to look sporty, chic and remain comfortable. So if you’re looking for sneaker outfit ideas below, I hope you are inspired!

A trendy look right now- dad sneakers! Athletic sneakers are all the rage right now, and you’ll see them paired with the 90’s outfit- baggy jeans, crew socks, and a top. BUT, those are not the only ways to wear them. I recently bought these air force 1’s, and I LOVE them. I love all the funky colors, and because of all the colors, they are easy to pair with other outfits. So you can still look chic and look “on trend” without going overboard. Wear them with a t-shirt and jeans. Or a ribbed knit dress and an oversized trench coat like I did!

as you can see, these are very versatile, and I love all the different colors and print on them. It makes pairing them with outfits MUCH easier!

Everyday sneakers are the sweet spot between the athletic and bulky sneakers look right now and the lux sneakers category. It’s perfect for every day and can be dressed up or down. And when I say dressed up, you can pair them easily with dresses, or a blazer and jeans. They are versatile and will last season after season!

To find your everyday sneaker, think about your lifestyle and your closet- do you like trendy and funky outfits, or are you a neutral girl and love classic pieces? That will determine which pair to buy. Wear them with a blazer and shorts, summer dresses, a blazer dress like I have.

My tip: find a pair of low profile everyday white leather sneakers. They are timeless and can be paired with anything, AND worn all year round!

If you’re a sneaker girl, chances are you already own a pair of luxe sneakers. I have a couple of good ones I love and have owned for years, yet I get asked ALL the time about my golden goose. I did a blog post when I first got them years ago when I first got them. And those are the only ones I still own. Don’t get me wrong, I do like mine, but I don’t LOVE them, not enough to buy a second pair. They took a while to break in, and honestly, I would prefer to spend the money on white leather sneakers. They are a bit more timeless and classic, in my opinion. I love these here.

Love these YSL high tops. One of the most comfortable sneakers I own. Very light on the feet. I love traveling in these!

Thank you so much for stopping by, what do you think of these sneaker outfit ideas? Let me know your thoughts below!


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