Mair Fragrance : A Women’s Fragrance

Women's fragrance

Mair and I go back. Way back, back to the Youth and Young adult services at Lakewood Church. She used to sing in the Young Adult service and I used to work there. Both Jordan and I served and were leaders as well. Since then Jordan and I had kids and we moved into the burbs and Mair and I have just stay connected on Facebook.

Then years later I get an email from Mair and how she had launched a women’s fragrance line. I was able to sit down and chat with Mair and hear her heart behind her new line and why she started a fragrance line.

The story behind “Remember When” all started with Mair and her signature. She was at work perfecting her signature when a company executive had seen what she was doing and said “Mair, I can see this on a perfume bottle”. From then a seed was planted and for three years she would always remember what the guy had told her. (side note: isn’t it amazing how God works?! How he places you in the right place at the right time, and then births a dream you never knew??)

Fred Cohen (who is a master perfumer) and Mair have worked together closely to blend notes that would cause the woman wearing Remember When to feel elegant and beautiful.  Remember When is playfully paired with  Italian bergamot and jasmine which produces a sensual scent. The fragrance is then warmed by hints of amber and guaiac wood giving the scent a romantic finish.

Fred and Mair collectively decided to make Remember When from all natural, raw materials instead of synthetic, man made compounds in order to give it a familiar and relatable scent.

I love this scent and this has been my new favorite scent. I love how it doesn’t over power you, its very subtle. It’s sweet yet woodsy all at the same time. I love how Mair uses oils for the scent and there isn’t the harsh alcohol smell you can sometimes smell in certain fragrances. Best of all it’s long lasting!
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Happy Friday! Make sure to check out Mair Fragrance

Photos by the talented Dana Fernandez

This post was not sponsored, just a fun collaboration with a dear friend. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. As always, thank you for supporting those who support Uptown with Elly Brown.

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this is such a nice story and information. thank you for sharing this.


Nice sharing for people who are working on food niches!


I think it is my favorite tip on this list. Good work!