Makeup Baking 101

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makeup baking

A few weeks back I posted a picture on IG and I mentioned how I had tried the ‘new’ thing (that isn’t really new at all) called ‘baking’ my makeup. The past few weeks I have been trying different ways to apply and perfecting my technique. Here is the lowdown…

So what is ‘baking’? Baking is a method used to keep your makeup looking flawless, and lasting all day. Once you have applied foundation and concealer you apply your setting powder (when I say apply it’s more like you bake it on and let it sit for 10 minutes). You would normally apply this on your T-zone, the only problem with this is that I felt like I just had too much makeup on, and it gave a matte finish (which I don’t like, I like my makeup very glowy).  So, I just apply under my eyes.

How to ‘bake’ your makeup:

  1. Prime first… ALWAYS!
  2. Start with your foundation
  3. Conceal your under eyes.
  4. Contour (if you wish to do so)
  5. Apply translucent or setting powder, I like apply my powder with a damp beauty blender. I found that it worked better and lasted longer then applying with a brush.
  6. Bake for 10 minutes… this is when I normally fill in my brows and  do my eye makeup.
  7. Brush off excess powder
  8. Apply blush, and highlight above cheekbones!

Makeup baking Makeup baking Makeup baking Makeup bakingWhat I’m wearing: Headband / Tee

Ulta Beauty will be your place to get everything you need for this makeup technique. I have linked below all the products you can try for this look! Have fun ‘baking’ and have a great weekend!

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