Maternity Closet Staples You Need

You think building your closet staple is hard enough? Try building your maternity closet staples. Trying to figure out what is worth the money, and what to skip out on isn’t easy. The fact that you only get to wear something for nine months doesn’t help much!

My tip is for my first-time moms out there. If you KNOW that you are going to have more kids and be pregnant again, I would invest in your denim, leggings, and tanks the first time around. Once you’re done, store your clothes in an airtight bag and pull them out when you’re expecting again! I did that with Liam, and almost all my tanks, denim, and leggings are from his pregnancy!

The other tip I have is to pay attention to your lifestyle, are you a SAHM, do you work full- or part-time?! If so, some things may not make sense for you to buy, and that’s OKAY.

Lastly, I would avoid anything with big prints and patterns, especially for closet staple items. Most staple items are going to be basic prints (think stripes, leopard or floral). Also, try to avoid fast fashion trends! Minimal and basic pieces will be your best friend. You can implement trendy items here and there to mix things up if you feel like it, but it’s not truly necessary.

Houston fashion blogger Uptown with Elly Brown shares the Maternity Closet Staples you need and that will get you through your entire pregnancy!


If you don’t have at least 2 different maternity tanks in your closet for your pregnancy – then WHYYYYYY?! There are many options out there, and I have a few favorites, but I think you need two different kinds of tanks. First, they need to all be seamless tanks- it’s the most comfortable. Second, I would recommend getting one in white, nude, and black. Third, I would recommend buying a set of long camis and then bodysuits. Some may argue the bodysuit, but long tanks tend to roll up at the bottom, and sometimes that will drive me crazy. If you want to spend a bit more, Blanqi makes great maternity tanks with support.

Houston fashion blogger Uptown with Elly Brown shares the Maternity Closet Staples you need and that will get you through your entire pregnancy!

Houston fashion blogger wears a seamless maternity tank with a black blazer


As far as maternity tops, your options here I feel are endless. This may be one part of your closet that you can avoid spending too much money too. I think again, considering your lifestyle this may affect what kind of tops you truly *NEED*. A few I would recommend are your basic tee’s (get them in multiple colors and make sure they are long tee’s). Tunics are a must, especially if you are going to be pregnant during the colder months. Be cautious with striped tee’s; I would stick to thin stripes, so they don’t lose your body shape. Button downs are also great to have but not necessary, in my opinion.

Houston fashion blogger wears skinny parker smith jeans and an oversized button down top

Houston fashion blogger wears golden goose sneakers with distressed denim


Again with the tank tops, if you don’t have AT LEAST 2- then mama, you better get on it! Leggings are great all year round and at the top of my list for maternity closet staples items you need. They can be worn with cardigans during the colder months, and long tunics and tanks during the summer. Leggings may also be a personal choice as far as which one you end up buying, but my favorite brand is Spanx. I especially love the faux leather legging.

Houston fashion blogger wears Spanx faux leather maternity leggings with a denim jacket

Houston fashion blogger wears maternity leggings with vince platform sneakers



Check out this post here if you want a more in-depth of my favorite maternity denim. But FYI, when it comes to maternity denim, I have learned a few things, if you spend just a little bit more, you will find maternity denim that fits and looks good! I have tried cheaper brands and have found that as my belly and I grow, the elasticity of more inexpensive denim doesn’t hold! As far as how many you need to buy, I would say you can get away with buying 3. A dark skinny wash, A white one, and a light wash boyfriend fit.

As far as skirts go, I would recommend getting a denim one, but other then that, I think it depends on your lifestyle. My favorite maternity skirts are from Bae The Label– not all of them are closet staples- but it does make dressing the bump fun!

P.S. Joggers are a MUST, but TBH, because of the elastic waistband, they don’t have to be from a maternity brand.


If you’re pregnant during the summer, dresses will be your best friend. Dresses are also the easiest thing to put on, especially in the third trimester. A few I would recommend is an LBD- but one that you can dress up or down. A maxi dress (a color you know you will wear often). Lastly, a bodycon dress that will grow with you. Get a color you can also wear multiple seasons- a bodycon dress is super easy to layer during the colder months too!

Houston fashion blogger wears a body-con maternity dress with sandals and a straw summer hat

Thank you so much for stopping by! Comment below and tell me what were some of your closet staple items?!





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