Maternity Swimsuits from Amazon

We all love Amazon, and who doesn’t love prime shipping?! Amazon can always be a hit or miss when it comes to ordering clothes, so I’m taking one for the team to try on a few maternity swimsuits from Amazon (also, if you want more of my tips on how to shop Amazon- see this post).

I shared a try-on over on my Instagram a few weeks ago on these 3 (well actually there was 4, but the 4th was so bad, I would NOT recommend it) maternity swimsuits.

Houston fashion blogger Uptown with Elly Brown shares a review on 3 Maternity Swimsuits from Amazon she found for under $10 EACH!

The swimsuits below are all under $20 (P.S. if you’re looking for swimsuit cover-ups, I shared four different ones for under $25 here). Out of the four swimsuits that I ordered, I ended up keeping two. The red maternity swimsuit I am not sharing because the fit and quality was SO terrible I don’t even think $5 is worth it.

But, here are three maternity swimsuits below that I do think you’ll like! Which one is your favorite?

Maternity Swimsuits from Amazon;

Leopard swimsuit
Price- $2.99 – BUT 10.99 for shipping!
Overall thoughts-  I LOVE this swimsuit (it’s leopard of course!), the print is so adorable. The only thing, the quality isn’t the best, and that’s to be expected with the price. I did order a small in this one, and there is room for growth. The side ruching is perfect for the bump as it grows, and the butt coverage is pretty good!

Maternity Swimsuits from Amazon;

Ruffle off-the-shoulder swimsuit
Price- under $10 – but $5.99 for shipping
Overall thoughts- I wanted to like this off-the-shoulder swimsuit so bad; I think this one has the best quality out of them all, the ONLY problem is it’s too tight across the shoulder. I had to pull and rip the stitching for it to be semi-comfortable. The butt coverage is full in the back, and there is room for growth in the belly, BUT I don’t think it will fit at nine months. I ordered a small, and probably should have ordered a medium, my only worry is it would have been too big in the belly area.

Maternity Swimsuits from Amazon;

Gingham bow swimsuit
Price- under $20 (price changes with different sizes)
Overall thoughts- I ordered a small in this swimsuit, and I should have sized up because my boobs were spilling out from all the sides on this one. This was the only suit I didn’t keep and ended up tossing (I wasn’t going to go through the hassle of returning it overseas). The quality on this one was okay, and there was room for growth on the belly, but again, way too small up top by my girls.


Thank you so much for stopping by, have a great day!







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Lookin’ good, Elly! The swimsuits – all of them – look great on you! 🙂

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