Metallic eyes

metallic eyes

metallic eyes metallic eyes metallic eyes topaz- stila metallic eyes midnight quartz- stila metallic eyes Garnet- Stila metallic eyesmetallic eyes moonstone-stila metallic eyes

Just in time for the holiday season I have teamed up with Ulta Beauty to bring you an easy metallic eye look! I am LOVING this Stila Palette with all the shimmers and pretty colors! Best part about this palette is you can choose to go smokey and dark, or stay on the neutral side but still have some shimmer, which is always holiday perfection!

Here are a few things to keep in mind for your metallic eyes:

  1. Don’t forget to prime your eyes, this will make the eyeshadow last and make the color pop! I love this Stila clay eye primer stick.
  2. Don’t over load with product all at once- or else you get shimmer all over your face! Add a little bit at a time and blend, add some more, and blend. Repeat the processes until you reached your preferred intensity.
  3. Always start with your lighter colors and then work your way up with the darkest color on top. Side note: I like to take my Naked Basic and apply the ‘Frisk’ color on my crease. I feel like it adds warmth to my lids and blends well with pretty much any color- it’s also a great base color.
  4. Speaking of blending don’t forget to blend, blend, blend- and lets all say it together now.. what must we not forget? To blend!

This look is super easy and if you want more intensity you can add falsies and a winged liner look and you got yourself one hot chick ready to party!

What are some of your other favorite holiday looks? As always, if you ever have any questions don’t hesitate to ask! It’s what I am here for! Happy Humpday!metallic eyes metallic eyes

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Misty Blue

Gorgeous! I love shimmery shadows.


Oh I love this post!!! I really wanna get that primer stick; I don’t use one and I bet it would make a huge difference. You’re stunning, Elly!