Mother’s Day: What we really want.

Mother's day Gift ideas

So this year I decided to do something a little different. Something a little humorous, and something I think most moms would agree that instead of more jewelry what we REALY want for Mother’s day is the following:

1. To go to the bathroom alone: remember the good old days, where you could pee alone and not have someone A) banging on the door yelling momma or B) Someone peeking over the actual toilet bowl to see what you’re doing.
2. To sleep in: wait what is that again?
3. To be able to finish a cup of hot coffee before it gets cold:Β I swear I probably reheat my coffee like 3 times. It’s gross, but hey, whatever works.
4. To read a book that doesn’t rhyme or have pictures in it.
5. For laundry to do itself: now with all the technology we have, someone please explain to me why have we not figured out some kind of machine that can fold my clothes for me?
6. Personal space: My kids are constantly jumping on me and tackling me. Getting kicked in the face hurts.
7. To eat my own meal instead of, my childs cold leftovers.
8. Silence: doesn’t have to be a whole day of it, but maybe just a few hours?
9. To not have to say no 100 times:Β I mean seriously how hard is it to just stop after I say “no” the first time?
10. To finish a task without getting interrupted: (which is probably to say no, for the fifth time might I add) every two minutes. Most things, like if I fold laundry could be done in just a few minutes, but with my kids any task takes at last 30 minutes.

I love being a Mother, I love my boys, and I love my growing family, but if I were to be honest, being a mother is tough, crazy, and a bang your head against the wall, lock yourself in the bathroom kind of job. But, it is one of the most beautiful and most rewarding jobs ever. I love Mother’s Day, but I want to encourage you to love, appreciate your momma, everyday and not just one day of the year. She is far more worthy than just one day a year.

To every Mother out there reading this, I applaud you for all the blood, sweat, and tears that you have poured into your family! I honor you for all the sacrifices and all those sleepless nights that you go through. I pray that God will give you strength when you are weary, to give you rest, and to bless you ten times more than those you have been a blessing to!

Happy Mother’s Day to you today and every other day of the year, because you deserve it!


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