My Top 5 Favorite Natural Products for Baby & Kids

Over the last year, I started switching out the kid’s products to clean, non-toxic options. I have found some excellent brands with REALLY good products. Today I wanted to share five natural products for Babies and Kids I thought you and your littles would like. 

You know, I think we are so quick to shun technology as a bad thing. Still, technology has given us access to information and has given us the chance to connect with other people and research things independently. For example, I never knew or had much information on clean products/brands, how ingredients affect you, and how toxic they can be for your body.

5 of the must-have Natural Products for babies and kids you wonder how you lived without them! Here you'll find products you'll use daily!

I’ve said this before, a clean lifestyle or the journey to it can seem intimidating and overwhelming. I mean, there is A LOT of information out there. But in my journey of living a cleaner lifestyle, I have learned it’s the small, baby steps that make a BIG difference over the weeks/months or years. 

There also is a lot of trial and error, I think too. Kids can be picky, and they will surely let you know when they don’t like something?. But these products below have all been products we have tested and tried, and we enjoy. If I only knew about these brands sooner or when I first had Jadyn- but it’s never too late, right?!

Let’s dive in …

Natural Products for Baby & Kids

Genexa Pain Reliever & Fever Reducer

First clean medicine company leading the way! Clean, non-GMO, and effective active ingredients. Sign me up! I’ve been using Genexa for a while (I was introduced to the brand sometime last year) and I have really liked every single one of them. No unnecessary artificial dyes, preservatives, flavors, or common allergens. They even make adult medicine too! Some of our favorites are; Infant and Kids Pain & fever, Kids Cold Crush, Kids Honey Cough Syrup. #partner

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Rascal + Friends Diapers

Rascal + Friends are premium diapers designed with none of the nasties.  With no chlorine, latex, or fragrances, Rascal + Friends diapers are gentle on sensitive skin! It keeps Audrey dry, even over night, and the diaper itself is REALLY soft. I wish I knew about them before with the older kids. They are also made with sustainable pulp.

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Bare Republic Mineral Body Gel Sunscreen

There is a lot of information currently on sunscreen and what you need to look out for. I would highly recommend reading EWG website to be in the know. We have switched to clean sunscreen for the whole family, and while there are a lot of great brands out there, Bare Republic has been one of our favorites. This Gel sunscreen has been great, easy to apply, and doesn’t have all the nasties. Tip; when searching for sunscreen you want to try to find one with Zinc Oxide protection.

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Berry Twist Toothpaste Bits

Better late than never on this one. Liam recently has gotten into the toothpaste one too many times. These Bite Bits are the perfect solution. Fluoride free, no Harsh chemicals, no artificial flavoring, sulfates or parabens. And also environmental friendly and less plastic tubes in landfills. This is a win, win, win all around.

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The Tubby Todd 3-Step Solution

This is a newer brand to me, but it’s safe and great for sensitive skin. Smells amazing, but also gluten free, dairy free, and made in USA. Also, they are very transparent with ingredients. I really like this brand so far!

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Have you tried any of these natural products for babies and kids? What did you think? Let me know down below in the comments!

Thank you so much for stopping by,  I hope you have a great day!




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Rosa Paulino

Never tried any of these but def will with my newborn grandson ❤️

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Thanks for sharing with us.