Summer Fun with Nerf War Games

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Recently the majority of the US got a heatwave- and temperatures in most places were one or two digits away from hitting a triple-digit temperature. If you’re in Texas, that ain’t nothing new! Come summertime, unless you’re in the water, it is UNBEARABLE down here. As a mom of three very active boys, I’ve learned to get smart- and quick. Insert here ALL the fun INDOOR summer activities and Nerf War Games.

Looking for Indoor activities to beat the heat?Houston lifestyle blogger Uptown with Elly Brown shares how they beat the heat with Nerf War Games!

Boys, in general, have a lot of energy and if it doesn’t get wasted, Lord help us all! Liam is only two, and the things he wants to do following his brother around feels like I have 3 six-year-old’s. If I don’t waste their energy, I’m the one tapping out by 3 PM, and we know that can’t happen.

We have always been huge Nerf fans here at the house, and we have more Nerf toys than I can count. I find and step on those darts EVERYWHERE- thankfully, the darts don’t hurt when I step on them like other toys!

With all three boys home and with so much energy, I had to learn to get creative. Board games don’t always work, and sitting in front of the TV all day doesn’t work too.

Cue all the Nerf war games! Most of the time just running around shooting each other is fun enough, but sometimes I like to be a bit extra, and we will build obstacles to hind behind or make things a competition! Our Nerf war games are always the highlight of the day. There’s always so much laughing, being silly, and of course, shooting each other.

Sugar loves getting in on the action and running around with us too. Despite her being old and moving slow, she still has some spunk left and loves to hop in on the fun and hog all her Nerf Dog toys in the middle of all the bullets flying in the air!

Did you know that August is also Nerf Fest all month long?! Did you also know that you can now purchase Nerf Toy & Pet (DOG) products at your local Kroger and Fred Meyer?! Join us and join the #NERFNATION in the month of August.

While you’re at Kroger, here are a few of our favorite Nerf products that your family will love. The Nerf Elite Disruptor is my personal favorite- it’s easy to load and to shoot (mama moves slow sometimes, and I need all the help)! The boys love the Nerf Mega Hotshock!

For any outdoor fun, we love throwing the Nerf Vortex Aero Howler. It’s easy for the boys to throw, and they can throw long distance too. Liam, of course, loves the Nerf Mini Sports Pack. The balls are soft and small for him, he loves kicking the soccer ball!

Have you ever played Nerf war games? Share your experience below! Don’t forget to visit here so you can stock up for #NERFNATION.






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