Newborn Essentials

From diapers, to bottles, to pacifiers, the newborn essentials list can seem a bit daunting. There is so much a baby needs, and there’s SO much information and products out there. Where to start?!

I’m considering myself an expert with 4 babies under my belt?, and I have rounded my ultimate newborn essentials list for you. Below you’ll find what we have used or are currently using and love. A no-fuss list that will make life easier and smoother!

Here is what you need;

Are you having a baby and need help deciding what is a MUST HAVE? Houston mommy blogger Uptown with Elly Brown shares her Newborn Essentials list!

Baby Wardrobe:

I’ll leave out all the frill for this one. Despite how adorable baby clothes can be, the beginning days your newborn will most likely be in sleep clothes. You probably won’t be going out much with your newborn, so there is no need for ALL the cute outfits. With that said, I would stock up on comfy clothes! Remember, you’ll be changing diapers in the middle of the night, so get something that is easy to take off and put back on. I would go with zip pajamas or knotted gowns. Here are some other items you’ll need:

Newborn hats

Mittens (so they don’t scratch their faces)




Baby Gear:

The amount of baby gear that is out there will be enough to intimidate even a 3rd time parent. My tip for this is to consider your lifestyle and buy based on what you need. My personal favorite baby gear brands are Baby Jogger, Nuna, and 4moms.


Carseat Cover


Baby Rocker (we had this with Liam, and he loved it! Audrey girl loves it too. Babies are used to the rocking motion in the womb, and in the 4th trimester this is GREAT for baby).


Baby Bath:

Baby Tub

Hooded Towels

Baby Wash & Lotion

Bath Kneeler (if you’re going to be washing your baby in a big tub, trust me when I tell you these pads will save your knees).


Baby Feeding:

You will be feeding your baby every 2 to 3 hours when he/she is born. My suggestion is to STOCK UP. I can not tell you how many times I have misplaced, lost, or something broke on me. Buy extra pacifiers, bottle parts, pump parts you name it!

NatureBond Manual pump (if breastfeeding)

Bottles (4oz and 8oz)

Bottle Warmer

Bottle Brush

Dishwasher basket (bottles have many small parts)

Milk storage bags (get lots of them!)

Nursing Pads

Nursing Cream

Burp Cloths

Feeding Pillow (optional)

Breast Pump (buy extra parts, you never know when you’ll need them!)


Baby Nursery:

Bassinet (we are using the Halo again this year with Audrey. We LOVE the Halo, see my blog post review here)


Mattress (we have the Emily mattress for both Liam and Audrey. See more about why we love it in this blog post)

2-4 Crib sheets (don’t forget the mattress protector)


Changing table

Changing Pad

Rocker (a portable rocker, HELLO! This is genius!)

Diaper Pail


Everything else:

Baby Wrap (babywearing not only makes things easier and keeps you hand free, but it’s good for baby! Beluga baby fabric is breathable, has a four-way stretch, and made with sustainable bamboo fabric!)

Baby detergent

Baby Care Kit (grooming kit)


Owlet Sock Monitor

High Chair (for when baby gets older). This highchair is pricey, but it is worth it! We have three for all the boys and Jadyn who is almost 7 still fits in it. They are the perfect grow-with-me high chair!

Activity Gym (for tummy time!)


Hopefully, this newborn essentials list isn’t overwhelming. I tried my best to keep it simple and just the things that I think you truly need or will help make the newborn months easy. Comment below if you think I missed anything or should add to the list. 


Thank you so much for stopping by, have a great day!






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I’m not preparing for a newborn but I hope this post helps some to-be mothers who are! Great suggestions! ❤️✨

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog


Thank you for sharing these great newborn baby care tips. These are really helpful for a new moms.


Nice blog i love your information awesome work you doing keep it up.

baby care kit



thank you very much… suited for the kids…very useful more power to you and your family.


A good mattress makes a good night’s sleep. A good mattress makes a good night’s sleep. I would like to say that the heavier the mattress you need, the more you need to have a thick mattress to sleep for free.


It’s always nice to have a clear out once in a while. I do Blake’s room regularly because of having to change around his clothes as he grows out of them so fast.


thank you very much… suited for the kids…very useful more power to you and your family.


It’s always nice to have a clear out once in awhile. I do Blake’s room regularly because of having to change around his clothes as he grows out of them so fast.


thank you very much… suited for the kids…very useful more power to you and your family.

Peak Medical Resources

There are a ton of to-dos when prepping for baby’s arrival, and shopping for all the baby essentials is not least among them. From setting up the nursery to gathering the gear for sleeping, eating and diapering, it’s easy to keep busy buying baby must-haves. After all, the amount of baby supplies a newborn requires can take any mom-to-be by surprise. Thank you for sharing your checklist!


Thanks for sharing those tips, what is a MUST HAVE for a newborn baby?

Namrah Ilyas

Thank you for sharing great list. This is really helpful for a new mommy.

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It is very difficult to choose essentials from a long list of fancy things. Especially for first time parents, it is a difficult task and this article is really helpful in that regard.