My Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks

There have been mixed reviews on the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale yet again this year. But the truth is I will always shop it! It’s a great opportunity to invest in closet staples IMO. Although every year it seems things sell out way too quickly and inventory seems to be an issue, I have found some AMAZING pieces over the year that I love.  

Let’s go over a few things first though…

Houston lifestyle blogger Uptown with Elly Brown shares her top 2019 2019 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale picks and why she thinks they are worth the money!

Is it worth opening up a store credit to shop?!

Yes, and no. I have the store debit card that I got years ago. If you can not manage credit cards well- I would not suggest it. I also do not think going into debt for a sale is worth it. Which brings me to my next point…


I think a sale like the 2023 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is a great time to buy closet staple items or items you genuinely NEED. Remember this sale is usually Fall/Winter pieces. It’s not a sale on CURRENT in-season items, but on future items. You will find some summer pieces like dresses and shoes mixed in though. If you already have something, do not buy it just because it’s on sale. Really think about each item and ask yourself how many wears will you get out of that item. Can it already be paired with items you have currently in your closet? Is this an item you can’t live without.

Also, think about your CPW (cost per wear). If you buy an $80 dress and wear that only 3 times- the value of that dress is now roughly $26. Let’s say you buy a $200 jacket, but you wear that jacket 20 times- the value of that jacket is now $10.

What is a “note”?

For every $2,000, you get a $20 note- which is basically $20. If you want to learn more about the Nordy club and its benefits, you can visit this page.

You do get some benefits from owning a Nordstrom card. For a limited time, make any purchase at Nordstrom, on your new card the day you’re approved and get a $40 bonus Note for future use. There is no annual fee, and you can earn points 3x faster.

My Final tips;

After shopping this sale for 6 years, I would look for items that you are really going to be saving on. A lot of items are only $10-$15 dollars cheaper. Items to look for should be jeans, jackets, bags, shoes, and beauty. Note- a lot of items you can find even cheaper elsewhere, so again- be mindful of what you are buying. Don’t buy just to buy.

I want to thank you guys for shopping from my links and supporting Uptown- it means the world! If you have any questions about the #nsale or if you’re looking for something I may not have included, please shoot me an email, or reach out via social media and I will be glad to help!

Have fun shopping!! 



Shoes don’t change much year after year, but shoes are my weakness. So if you are needing OTK boots (see how I wear mine here) or shoes, now would be a good time to buy them. I personally don’t love booties and don’t really own them. I personally love knee-high boots or combat-style boots. Below you’ll see some style inspiration and how I would wear them. If you can only get ONE shoe- I would buy these all-white sneakers, you can wear them ALL year long, and they go with EVERYTHING. One brand this year that has some REALLY good shoes overall is Reiss. Nude sandals are a staple and these are flattering to the feet. And the elevated heel boot, it’s stunning!


BlankNYC has the best faux moto jackets at a good price. If you want a leather jacket that will really last, this All Saints one I bought is STUNNING. I snagged the black one last year, and this year I bought the deep berry one

You already know I’m going to recommend a blazer. I would suggest something with a bit more of a classic fit that can be worn with dresses and pants. Pay close attention to how things fit! If you can get your hands on a Veronica Beard blazer or jacket, you won’t be disappointed.

Last year I got this VINCE a cardigan and it was the item I used most. They have a shorter version this year in grey. And I snagged the black one this year, it’s THAT good.

Sweaters & Tops

Please pay very close attention as too much how you’re really saving here. A lot of tops and sweaters are about $20 off, only buy if you REALLY NEED and love the sweater. I would also recommend looking into the layering basics that are good year after year. The tops I got were this wrap sweater (FYI- the wrap on this can get a little booby so I would suggest tape, or adding a snap closure which is what I will be doing), this graphic one, and this top.

P.S. I also got this Natori bra– and the 1.7k 4.5 stars are right!


This year I wanted I bought two Naked dresses, and GIRL. It snatches you in a way that is just ?. But sadly, putting them on will make you break a sweat, and I found it really hard to style with what I had in my closet. It does run small the black and brown ones were the ones I originally got.


Denim. All the denim. Find one that fits like a GLOVE and do not be sorry about it. I would recommend sticking to a dark wash because you’ll get the most CPW out of them. Other items I think you’ll like and get a lot of wear are a black slip skirt, and black leather pants (see outfit ideas below). I snagged these Good American black coated denim (I went up a size on these), Pistola denim, and another Good American flare denim

Handbags & Accessories

This year they had a lot more bags I like than in previous years. Coach has some gorgeous ones, Kurt Geiger London as well. I have been looking for a good size tote and I bought the Clare V. one, but I am a little disappointed in the size, and not sure I will keep it. 


If there is one thing that never lets me down in the NSale it is the beauty section. I am shopping the sale I use this time to stock up on things I already have and love.


Kids can be a bit tricky, I would look for jackets, sneakers, or baby gear. Nuna specifically is a VERY good brand with great baby gear. It’s pricey, but very well worth the money. 


JB likes things fitted very slim and form-fitted. He is a very picky guy. Here are some of the items I’m looking at for him.

Thank you so much for stopping by, I hope you have a great day and have fun shopping at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! If you’re at the store, and need help or have any questions- you know where to find me ?.


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Ahh, all these posts are making me so excited! Have checked out every single one of your recommendations! ❤️✨

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog


Thanks for sharing the information.

Rosa Paulino

Love love love your style. Wanted the blazer but they don’t have it in my size. I did grab the Shultz shoes. Thank you for this. Your style is ?