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Not Your Average Rodeo Outfit Ideas

Yeehaw!! Rodeo season is here and started last week here in Houston. And unless you live in the south, I’m not sure you’ll understand how big the rodeo is! This year we will see Keith Urban, and for a little GNO, we will be seeing Gwen Stefani. And while I don’t consider myself a southern girl with a southern style (very far from it, actually). I have been around long enough to know how to dress the part. But of course, with a twist. So today, it’s all about rodeo outfit ideas.

I will say right off the bat; these are not your average rodeo outfits. There is no fringe, not bell bottoms, and no graphic tee’s. Think of these outfits not only to wear to the rodeo but more western-inspired. I also wanted to style and wear items you probably already have in your closet but show how you can make it look rodeo ready.

White Western Boots

Outfit #1: Hat // Top (similar)// Jeans (similar) // Boots (similar) // Phone Case
Outfit #2: Outfit Details: Hat // Top // Boots // Shorts

Outfit #1: Hat // Bandana // Dress // Denim Vest // Boots
#2: Bandana // Dress (similar) // Boots (similar)

A note about the looks: Florals, eyelet pieces, and checkered prints are great pieces that can complete your look!

The biggest takeaway here is your accessories. Also, if you don’t want to buy an entire outfit, RTR is GREAT for occasions like this (and everyday life too). P.S. If you decide to go the RTR route- use code: RTRELLY for 40% off your first two months!

But hear me out here, you can transform any outfit and make it a rodeo outfit by adding a good hat (in my book, a stiff brim looks best), a bandana, and cowboy boots. You can transform a basic t-shirt and jeans outfit and make it rodeo ready (scroll down, and you’ll see what I am talking about).

You’ll see below several different looks (I tried to create something for everyone). Some with hats, some without. Some with bandanas, some without. BUT the one thing all of them DO have- is western boots. If you live in the south- you have to own a pair- or two ?. Besides the accessories, you can buy or wear other key pieces to complete the look, but I don’t think they make an outfit like these three accessories.

Black Western Boots

Outfit #1: Hat // Jacket // Shirt // Skirt (similar) // Boot // Purse (similar) // Belt
#2: Bandana // Dress // Boots // Belt // Purse (similar)

A note about the looks: When in doubt, denim! Denim is perfect for any rodeo outfit. A Denim jacket, denim on denim look, a denim dress! All great options you probably already own in your closet!

Outfit #1: Bandana (similar) // Dress // Boots // Hat
Outfit #2: Jacket // Top // Hat // Skirt // Boots

Ankle Boots

Outfit #1: Hat // Dress // Bandana // Boots
Outfit #2: Hat // Top // Jeans // Boots

You’ll notice the difference between these two looks is the swap of a plain black bodysuit and a graphic tee. Along with different bandanas!

Outfit #1: Hat (similar) // Bandana // Top // Pants // Boots (similar)

Outfit #2: Bandana // Jumpsuit // Boots (similar) // Earrings

bonus looks

Outfit #1: Bandana (similar) // Dress // Boots
Outfit #2: Hat // Bandana // Dress // Jacket // Boots

Are you headed to any concerts or to the rodeo this year? Which of these 14 rodeo outfit ideas is your favorite? Let me know below! Thanks so much for stopping by.





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Erica Valentin

Cute outfits! I was born in Houston and lived just north of there till about age 10 and I remember going to the rodeo every year……I’ll never forget my childhood celeb crush was Clint black and I got to see him perform …..highlight of my life hahah!