Our Experience with Sylvan Learning

This post is sponsored by Sylvan Learning. However, all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

What a year 2020 has been right?! I will say out of this social distancing thing, the one thing that has been the hardest is trying to keep the boys on track with school and learning at home. I don’t have a teacher bone in my body, and I do not know how teachers do it. Add in the fact that I have four kids; my brain looks like this little emoji ?. That’s why I turned to Sylvan Learning.

Are you looking for help when it comes to schooling? Elly Brown shares her experience with Sylvan Learning during this pandemic and how it's helped them!

^ flashback to 4 years ago, when Jadyn was JUST starting Mother’s Day Out.

Are you looking for help when it comes to schooling? Elly Brown shares her experience with Sylvan Learning during this pandemic and how it's helped them!

^ and now, he’s going into 2nd grade, and almost as big as me ?

I quickly (and I mean QUICKLY) learned I needed help. I was worrying a lot about how the time off would affect them, and what it could do for them going back in the fall semester. Then, I learned about Sylvan Learning offering their in-center courses online and how they focus on building academic confidence while igniting intellectual curiosity and a love for learning.

After looking more into Sylvan Learning, I also learned they have been for around 40+ years and have helped many students achieve new levels of academic success. They have some of the best in certified teachers and interactive technology. The teachers not only instruct, but they challenge and inspire your child.

So we signed up Jadyn for an online assessment to see where he was academically and then signed him up for some classes. P.S. Even if their learning centers are open, they can provide online sessions as well. If you’re not comfortable leaving the house just yet, you don’t have to worry.

Jadyn loves his classes, and I love that the tutors take their time with him. The teachers don’t cater to him, but instead, challenge him to use his thinking skills. Jadyn is brilliant, well beyond his years, and a very analytic thinker, so it’s no surprise that he is reading above his grade level and excelling in math. I loved adding Sylvan to our educational routine to make sure he stays there.

Sylvan Learning has been a great experience for us, and I’m currently looking to see if it would be beneficial for Colin as well.

If you’re like me and need a little help to make sure your kids don’t fall off track this summer or just want them to stay on track, I would highly recommend Sylvan Learning. A lot of the teachers are local teachers and know exactly where kids should be. Whether you’re navigating take-home packets, online lessons from school or ACT or SAT Prep, you can get access to in-center programs or online sessions with their certified teachers.

Talk to me, mama! How has it been teaching your kid or kids at home? How have you managed the new normal? Please share it with me below!




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Nice to hear about your experience, Elly! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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