Our Home Garage Gym

DRUM ROLLS, PLEASE! Our home garage gym is DONE. Well, almost done, a few minor details need to be done, but for the most part, it is DONE. I’m actually surprised how quickly we got this going. With the exception of getting more weights (something we will slowly add) and fixing the T.V. setup, the space is complete, and I freaking LOVE it.

And if you’re looking for something a little more low-key and on a budget, check out our old gym space at the old house!

Make sure you scroll to the bottom to watch a little bit more about the equipment we got, why, and how it works. I really didn’t want to lose momentum from working out with the girls. Remember JB is a finance guy, so to get him on board, I had to show him this would save money in the long run. I say this every time, but this is now my favorite space in the house ?.

The only downside to a home garage gym is how hot it gets here. Thankfully, the garage doors are actually insulated, but it’s still HOT. On the flip side, you get a really good sweat session in here. Riding my bike is a love/hate ordeal. This is why I work out super early or late at night. Mid-day workouts are horrible. The heat alone wipes you out before anything else.

I mentioned more in the video where we bought everything. It was a piece of cake for us: 0% interest for two years, and we’ll pay it off by then. When you factor the price of what we were paying each to work out, it’s the same price, except this goes towards something we own, and we don’t have to depend on anyone- it’s right outside the door!

The equipment we have: mats / bench / squat rack / functional trainer / leg extension attachment / bar / plyobox / bumper plate storage / bumper plates / floor primer & garage paint / mirrors done by Mirror Gallery


Okay finally, let’s talk about flooring. Our old garage floors were painted, and clearly, the paint was chipping. We got a couple of quotes for epoxy floors, but because we have an oversized garage, that would cost a lot of money. The paint would need to be sanded and removed first, and then the epoxy would be done.

Long story short, we thought that because it’s just a garage, we would want the money to go into the equipment vs. the floor. We also knew we would not DIY epoxy floors. So instead, we did a little googling and found this alternative—no sanding or grinding. I’m going to be honest; there is already chipping ?. But again, it’s a garage for us, and it’s impossible to keep it clean or a kid-free zone.

Maybe one day we will do epoxy floors, although I have heard that because we have mats under the equipment, they can cause condensation and still ruin the epoxy floors. So who knows? I do know I love the black floors, though.

Thank you so much for stopping by, hope you love our home garage gym as much as we do! Both Jordan and I are so excited about this space, and it’s already paid off so much!

Have a great one!

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