Our Miscarriage Story

mommy and me style
mommy and me style

Happy Friday!

So as many of you many know we had our doctors appointment yesterday. And things didn’t go the way we would have hoped. I am going to have to miscarry this pregnancy. (If this is your first time reading this you can see my first bump update).

I first want to thank everyone for checking in on us yesterday. I appreciate it more than you know! I know I’ve gotten a few remarks as to why we shared this pregnancy so early…. Well here is my thing, If we had waited to share, then we would be going through this alone. God created each of us for community, to have so many people pray for us, and believe with us has been overwhelming. So… thank you, thank you, and THANK YOU! We are overwhelmed with the love we have received.

Wednesday night Jordan and I worshiped and prayed together. I wanna say that I truly felt the peace of God come over me like a blanket. I sometimes think how crazy it is, and how is it that I am handling this so well (or as best as I can)? But I know, that I know, that God is with us.

It’s easy to ask God why me, or why did you let this happen to us. It’s easy even to think maybe I didn’t pray hard enough, or maybe we didn’t have enough faith. But I was quickly reminded by my sister (love you sis!) that those are all lies! We are every day walking out in faith; God doesn’t send us trials to test our faith. He also hears our cry no matter how big or small.

We live in a sinful world, and I don’t know why God allows certain things to happen. And honestly, even though it would be nice to know all the answers, I’m not sure I would want to know. Because if I knew everything, then I wouldn’t need God… and I desperately need him.

All in all, are we okay? Yes! Does it hurt? Yes. But is God good? Heck yes, he is. We are confident that this will be used for his glory, and that he is not done with us or our testimony.

mommy and me style

Lastly, I share our story, not get page views, or to get any personal gain. I share our story to say hey, we have our struggles, we also go through things and life is not perfect.

But that we serve an amazing God.

In the midst of pain, we will continue to praise him. Just like the Hillsong goes… “Even when the fight seems lost, I’ll praise You. Even when it hurts like hell, I’ll praise You. Even when it makes no sense to sing, louder then I’ll sing Your praise.”

I want to encourage you during your trials to continue to seek his face, his peace, and HIM.

It’s gonna hurt, but you’ll come out stronger.

mommy and me style
mommy and me style

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our miscarriage story

Photos By Ailee Petrovic

Have a great Memorial Day weekend!

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