Outtakes of 2015- #FBF


Colin got stitches underneath his chin!IMG_9825 IMG_0258 IMG_0023 IMG_0456 IMG_7320

we owned a pet turtle for several months and his name was Torchy! Long story short- we finally returned him to the lake in our neighborhood.IMG_0554 peekkids2 IMG_7521 IMG_0868 IMG_7655 IMG_7708

we have now had to remove all the shelves in their bookcase because they climbed on it so many times!IMG_7818 IMG_1560 IMG_1617 IMG_1685 IMG_1951

Jadyn loves sunglasses! IMG_1953 IMG_1988 IMG_2220 IMG_7698 IMG_7905

we have countless pictures of how the boys slept. We finally got them a big boy bed to share and now they finally sleep in their bed!IMG_7885

boys love reading the Bible!IMG_7902 IMG_7831

the one time Colin almost squished the butterfly!! IMG_2226 IMG_8131 IMG_8070 IMG_2508 IMG_2727 IMG_2761 IMG_2760 IMG_2966 IMG_2871 IMG_3018 IMG_3066

the one time honey was in Active Faith commercial!
IMG_8728 DSC_0044 IMG_3372 IMG_0149 IMG_0198

boys love holding hands and checking the mail!
IMG_0316 IMG_0349 IMG_0423 IMG_0507 IMG_0554 IMG_0621 IMG_0735 DSC_0076 IMG_0794 DSC_0297

we got to see my nieces for their first birthday in Connecticut! I just want to bite those cheeks!DSC_0485 IMG_1091 IMG_1645 IMG_1807 IMG_1810 IMG_1837 DSC_0367
Not sure I could some up 2015 in one word. This year has been challenging and incredible all at the same time, and if you ask me it flew by. So many special memories made, new friendships have been made, lost a few but through it all God has been faithful. SO faithful. So much to be thankful for that if I were to list every single one down we would be here for a really long time.  I can look back on 2015 and see the hand of God in so many ways, and just so grateful for his love, care, and his new mercies every morning!

I was going to do a best of 2015 fashion post, but it just didn’t seem right, plus I wanted to show you all the outtakes  and a behind the scenes of what motherhood is like for me + the nearest and dearest people to my heart! In 2015 the greatest thing I am grateful for are my boys so it only felt right to share all their moments! Motherhood has challenged me more ways than one, and my husband has been so supportive of my business and this new journey that I don’t know if I could have done it without his help and support! He has led our family and has worked so hard to provide for us! Daddy has been our superman here in the house! Love you Honey!

A special thank you to my family- you believed in me and cheered me along every step of the way! To my girl tribe- Lilly, Jaclyn, Ashlie, Megan, Misty ,Brittany  and Dede. Love you girls to pieces! Your support, encouragement and all the countless hours of learning and growing together has only made us better. Y’all are the true definition of what friends are.

Thank YOU, yes you! For following along, for supporting, for the likes, the page views and all the love. I am so honored to share my life, my style, and what I wear on a daily basis with you! I am incredibly humbled to do so, and not a day that goes by that I take this for granted! I am so excited for what God has in store for 2016. I know great things are still to come! As we closed out 2015 let’s be thankful for what we do have, our families, the clothes on our back, the house we live and the friends and family that stick by us through the good and the bad!

Cheers to 2016!

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