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I have been trying to venture out and to add more color and pattern to my closet. This little pattern dress was the perfect addition! I was a little worried with it being Houston, and that I would literally melt in this dress, but surprisingly I felt fine! This dress is really thin, and the fabric makes it breathable.

I love how this dress has a high and low, I feel like my legs look longer and hotter (haha!) Here’s a tip: when wearing a dress (or really anything for that matter) make sure to not show too much skin EVERYWHERE. Don’t do cleavage and a mini. It’s too much at once and just doesn’t look good. Plus, you don’t want be flaunting all the goodies! Insert Ciara song here!

Hope you had a great Hump Day, and a special thanks to the Sweetest Stitch!

Update on having 5 kids at home: Y’all yesterday I stayed home ALONE with ALL five of the kids. Lets just say I had a BIG glass of wine at the end of the day, annnnnd I am now going to be waiting even longer for that third baby! Haha, other then that we all have been having a great time!

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