Paula’s Choice Skincare Review

This Paula’s Choice skincare review post is sponsored by Paula’s Choice. However, all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.
Today I want to share my Paula’s Choice skincare review. I heard about Paula’s Choice a few months back by my friend Meg O. on the go. She’s raved about it several times to me so when I was able to get a skin consultation call schedule I was thrilled!

Looking for Paula's Choice Skincare Review? Houston beauty blogger Uptown with Elly Brown shares her thoughts and opinions on Paula's Choice!

Let’s rewind a bit and talk about my skin consultation. When I did my skin consultation I was pregnant and had to alter my skincare regime. When you’re pregnant it is suggested to stay away from retinoids. So when choosing a skin regime for me we had to adjust a few things according to my concerns which are: fine lines around my eyes, occasional breakouts, and dark spots.

Looking for Paula's Choice Skincare Review? Houston beauty blogger Uptown with Elly Brown shares her thoughts and opinions on Paula's Choice!
My first impression of Paula’s Choice and what stood out the most to me is that all the products are 100% fragrance-free, its non-irritating, no added dyes, and no animal testing! Let’s break down what has been my morning and night routine for the past month:

Perfectly Balanced Foaming Cleanser: (using 2x daily) This anti-aging cleanser cuts through oil and removes makeup, leaving normal to oily or combination skin feeling soft and refreshed. By far this is my favorite cleanser to date. At first, I was a little worried thinking it wouldn’t really “clean” my face, but I love how light this cleanser is and how it suds up, BUT most importantly it doesn’t leave my face feeling dry.

Weightless Advanced Repairing Toner: (using 2x daily) This anti-aging toner significantly improves skin’s color and texture while shrinking pores and calming redness from breakouts. Unfortunately, I am used to harsh toners that leave my skin dry, and almost feeling like it burns. Thankfully this toner is the complete opposite and has a water-light liquid, leaving my skin firm but without over-drying. I have seen a huge difference in red spots from the pimples I have popped.

Daily Pore-Refining Treatment: (using 2x daily) Also water-light liquid this exfoliant works quickly to smooth fine lines and wrinkles, unclog and minimize pores, and eliminate blackheads and bumps. This exfoliant does have an off-putting smell. Thankfully it doesn’t linger for too long. It’s been so effective in minimizing my pores that I just put up with the smell!

Ultra-Light Super Antioxidant Serum: (using 1x morning) This weightless serum is packed with lots of antioxidants & anti-aging ingredients all while fighting signs of aging. This Serum has a high concentration of Vitamin C (great for dark sports). This serum also contains soothing anti-irritants that can significantly calm redness. The weightless formula won’t even feel like you have a serum on!

C15 Super Booster: (using 1x at night) I was a stubborn gal and hated using sunscreen. I liked my skin nice and tan during the summer, and I used to fake bake during the winter. So over the years, I have gained freckles and several dark spots from picking at my pimples and not taking care of my skin properly. About a year ago I saw a specialist and she recommended vitamin C. I used one for a while but never really saw improvements until this little sucker. It’s got 15% of vitamin C. In just a month use I have seen that my skin overall looks brighter, and the dark spots seem to be fading away beautifully! The water-light formula blends into my skin really well and doesn’t feel heavy.

Youth- Extending Daily Mattifying Fluid: (using 1x morning) Love this moisturizer! This water-light moisturizer helps protect from sun damage, prevents the signs of aging, and hydrates without adding oil. It’s not thick and super light, almost too light. It does run very easy, but I love how it’s not thick so my pores don’t feel clogged up. It’s got SPF 50 which, is SO important, even if you are not going out in the sun (it’s called sun rays). After seeing how much damage the sun can do to my skin, I always use SPF daily!

Invisible Finish Moisture Gel: (using 1x night) This silky gel moisturizer hydrates without feeling slick or greasy for a healthy glow BUT with a soft matte finish. This moisturizer absorbs so well on to my skin it amazes me every. time. This is the only product in my routine that is thicker than any of the other products but it amazes me how it doesn’t leave my face greasy and also doesn’t feel thick.

Looking for Paula's Choice Skincare Review? Houston beauty blogger Uptown with Elly Brown shares her thoughts and opinions on Paula's Choice!

Have you seen a trend with Paula’s Choice? All the products are light and feel amazing on your skin. So even though it may seem like you are putting a lot on your skin, it doesn’t feel like it. Everything absorbs so well into your skin and none of the products I have tried are heavy, so my face feels fresh, and oh so clean! You can’t beat the price on each product as well. It truly is luxury skin care on a budget.

Paula’s Choice offer’s a 100% Money Back Guarantee (within 60 days), so if you are not happy with your results, then you can get your money back! Paula’s Choice is committed to customer education and helping YOU find the best products for YOUR skin. You can receive a FREE personal skincare consultation by calling this number: 1-800-831-4088 to make sure you get the best products for your skin!


Thank you for stopping by, have a great day!



Looking for Paula's Choice Skincare Review? Houston beauty blogger Uptown with Elly Brown shares her thoughts and opinions on Paula's Choice!</
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I have oily skin does this product will work for me?looking forward to get a reply soon…Thanks in advance

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