Our Powder Bathroom Makeover

For those of you that know, our house was built in 81. If you are from the NE, That really isn’t old at all. But here in Houston, new homes are popping up EVERYWHERE. So down here, it feels “old”. I originally had a tough time trying to nail down the powder bathroom decor. The space is a bit small, the sink wasn’t my favorite, and I felt stuck.

I love Pinterest, I have SO much inspiration saved for the new house. I just need more time and more money ??- no big deal, right?! ? 

Looking for small Powder Bathroom Ideas? Elly Brown shares her Powder Bathroom Decor and how they gave the space a new land fresh look!

My biggest struggle when it comes to decorating the new house is, it is an older home. But it has SO much character and a charm. But my style isn’t quite- vintage. And, I’m still learning and trying to figure out what my style is. I mean, I have four kids too- so it needs to be functional but classic. 

Long story short here, I didn’t love the sink in the powder bathroom. But it has grown on me, and I think it’s unique and different- it tells a story. And I love that. So fast forward, I decide to keep the sink (I’ll eventually maybe change the countertop, we will see) and the mirror. 

Easy Powder Bathroom Remodel, Vintage Bathroom floral sink with DIY wall decor
Mackenzie Childs Bathroom Decor for a small powder bathroom
Wayfair brass wall hook for towels for powder bathroom
DIY Board and Batten Wall in Small Powder Bathroom

I love how it came out, and I think the MacKenzie Child pieces fit perfectly in here. I was looking for a wallpaper to add behind the mirror and found a similar pattern to what we did, but it was a whopping $500 for two rolls, and I couldn’t find myself paying for that. 

We took a stab at a DIY version, and it came out perfectly imperfect. JB went ahead of me, making small dots on where I needed to paint, spacing out the boxes for them to be 1×1, and spaced them about 2 inches apart. It was a bit tedious, but we did an excellent job with teamwork. 

I initially thought that was it, but because space is a bit small, I tried EVERYTHING under the sun to put in the corner of the wall across the toilet. The only problem was the room felt too tight. And I didn’t want to add shelves or more frames there.

Etsy hand soap and hand lotion refill bottles for bathroom
Mackenzie floral Tissue Box decor in small Powder Bathroom Makeover

The original image I found for inspo (see it here) had a type of paneling behind the sink, so I thought- this would look great in here. But y’all, I don’t know a thing about DIYing, and JB is rather handy, but like- this is not my forte- or at least I didn’t think so. But, I’m gaining confidence ?. 

Vintage floral sink in powder bathroom

We followed this tutorial for the board and batten wall, and it was helpful. A few things I think are worth mentioning and what we learned the hard way (remember, we don’t know what we are doing here); 

  • Buy extra product and wood. Like 3x extra. You never know. JB bought two times, and we still were short somehow. We didn’t calculate correctly.
  • This leads to my next point, measure everything x3 times too, ESPECIALLY before you glue and nail everything to the wall. 
  • Make sure to use wood filler where you nailed the wood to the wall. I made the mistake of filling it with the same caulking we used to make the boards flush with the wall, and that was not right.
  • Lastly, as you see at the end of the video, I would use one piece of wood. We tried to save wood and piece some of the boards together- and that backfired a bit. 

So friends, there you have it. Here is our final Powder Bathroom. Make sure to watch the video below, where you can see us in action and a close-up of the space. What do you think of the Powder Bathroom Decor? I’m debating if I should paint the ceiling black, TBD.

Small Powder Bathroom Decor Ideas with Board and Batten Wall
Looking for small Powder Bathroom Ideas? Elly Brown shares her Powder Bathroom Decor and how they gave the space a new land fresh look!

Thank you so much for stopping by, I hope you have a great day!



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Maggie Cabano

Love it so much! Can you tell me where your wall art came from?