Pregnancy Must-Haves (Beauty Edition)

Pregnancy is an amazing thing, but it can be hard to take care of yourself in the beauty department. Your focus is on eating good food for your baby and making it to all the check-ups. Today I’ll be sharing my 11 pregnancy must-haves to help me feel pampered and beautiful!

Houston lifestyle blogger Uptown With Elly Brown is sharing her top 11 pregnancy must-haves, beauty edition. From the best belly oils to face masks!

Hey guys hey! I wanted to share my favorite pregnancy  must-haves and why I love each one of them. As always I want to first start off by making sure that you talk to your doctor about what is safe and what is not. I have talked with my doctor and I am okay to use all of the products above. But please, please consult your doctor before trying anything new.

Because you do have to stay away from so many products (during pregnancy) I feel like products that help with hydration are the best! It’s easy to forget about taking care of your skin during pregnancy, but I have learned after 3 kids, that when I take care of me, I feel and look better. These products are all great post baby too!

Lip Gels // These little suckers are amazing, and they work! The best part is you get a pack of 10 for under $10.  I found these at a beauty store by my house and decided to give them a try, and sure enough, they actually leave my lips super soft and silky.

Skyn ICELAND eye gels (get 15% off with code “ellybrown15”) // Love these gels! They feel really cool and refreshing! They help firm, tone, brighten and reduce the appearance of puffiness and wrinkles under the eyes.

Coconut Oil // I love coconut oil, and I can go on and on about everything you can use it with. But I love using it on my belly and even face. Especially if my face is feeling very dry!

Belly Oil // This belly oil is great! It specifically helps promote collagen and soothe stretching skin. It’s also packed with essential oils to help reduce inflammation and calm nerves.

Cure Balm // This balm is great if you specifically already have stretch marks and/or scars. Read more about Moringa Oil such as the uses, and health benefits here.

Bambo charcoal deodorant // I have switched over to a “clean” deodorant, and although I have not seen a drastic change, I just feel better knowing that I am using a clean product. I also love how the rose smells, which is the one I have.

June Jacobs Lip Renewal // This lip renewal is great if you really have super dry lips. The formula is very thick, so I stray away from using this during the day, but I love using this before bed and waking up with soft baby lips (if that is even a thing?! lol).

June Jacobs Toner // This toner has really helped with the hormonal breakouts. I have been using this for a few weeks now (2x a day, morning and night) and my break-outs have all cleared up! I’ve even noticed a few dark spots have gone away. This toning formula contains calming ingredients for an irritation-free complexion and reduces inflammation. Your face is left feeling fresh, soothed and clean.

Nurse Jamie Uplift // A facelift, but without all the injections. It’s safe and it works! Love this!!

Cucumber Mask // I love anything PTR, and this mask is the best of the best. I also pop this in the fridge for an extra cooling effect. My skin always feels so hydrated and shiny after use.

Clay Mask // One of my favorite mask, this clinique mask is amazing. I love the extra beads in the mask that add a bit of exfoliation so your skin is left soft and smooth.


Thank you so much for stopping by, have a great day!


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