Seven Basic Needs of A Husband

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I stumbled across this very old piece of paper while going through a box of old keepsakes from Jordan’s parents. Written on this piece paper was “Seven Basic Needs of A Husband”. After reading them I couldn’t help but think how each one was on point. I have mentioned it before how a women’s role is so vital in her husband’s life, you can make or break him not only with your words but also with your actions. I googled it to see who had written this, and it was Cliff Palmer who was a Pastor at South Heights Baptist Church. I hope this challenges and inspires you like it did me. So here it is ..


1. A Husband needs a wife who respects him as a man. 
2. A husband needs a wife who accepts him as her leader and believes in his God-given responsibilities.
3. A husband needs a wife who will continue to develop inward and outward beauty.
4. A husband needs a wife who can lovingly appeal to him when he is going beyond his limitations and wisely respond to those who question his ideas, goals, or motives.
5. A husband needs quality time to be alone with himself and with the Lord.
6. A husband needs a wife who is grateful for all he has done and is doing for her.
7. A husband needs a wife who will be praised by other people for her character and her good works. 



Her husband has full confidence in her and lacks nothing of value. – Proverbs 31:11
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