E.A.S.Y Sleep Schedule for your Newborn

I can not stress how having a sleep schedule routine for your baby is so important not just for the baby, but for your sake. The sooner you get your little one on an eating and sleep routine, the faster he/she will be sleeping through the night (which is what we all want right?).

Houston Lifestyle blogger Uptown with Elly Brown shares the E.A.S.Y. Sleep Schedule for your newborn

I have had all three boys on what is called an E.A.S.Y. routine and it was the best thing I could ever do! Being on a routine is hard, and it’ll require you to sacrifice things (like going out).

Being on a routine will also require you to plan your days, but it will be the most rewarding thing ever. To have your 10 week old or even 8-week old sleeping more than 4 hours a night will be worth the sacrifice. My kids were all sleeping from 10 PM-6/7 AM by 3 months.

What’s the E.A.S.Y. routine? The E.A.S.Y. routine is based on the Baby Whisperer book by Tracy Hogg and Melinda Blau. If you don’t have this book, go get it…. like NOW. You can thank me later.
Houston Lifestyle blogger Uptown with Elly Brown shares the E.A.S.Y. sleep routine for your baby

I have read this book several times, and I get asked all the time about Liam’s sleep schedule and what I do. So I thought it would only be fitting to address a few key points that I think will answer the most common questions, as well I made a printable PDF for you to have as a guide for the E.A.S.Y. routine.

Before we move I want to make it clear that I am no expert, nor a doctor, and if you have any medical concerns please seek medical advice. This is just what has worked for me with my boys. Every child is different, remember that!

Houston Lifestyle blogger Uptown with Elly Brown shares the E.A.S.Y. Sleep Schedule for your newborn

Let’s jump right in …

This is what an E.A.S.Y. routine will look like. EAT, ACTIVITY, SLEEP and YOU time every 3 hours. This 3-hour schedule (or routine really) will be for babies up to 4 months. As your baby grows and drops a nap, the schedule will vary a bit.

Don’t worry, this is a series post and I will tackle every age/schedule. (see stage 2 here)

Houston Lifestyle blogger Uptown with Elly Brown shares the E.A.S.Y. sleep routine for your baby

Download the E.A.S.Y. SCHEDULE NOW!!!

** Note: This E.A.S.Y. can be applied to both breastfeed and bottle feeding babies. Allow variations in time for the schedule above especially until four months old. The activity time will be shorter for younger babies and will get longer as they grow. Around eight weeks old turn the two cluster feeding into one (at around 5:30-6 PM). Continue the cluster feeding until seven months old (unless the baby is a great sleeper).

1) The first 4-6 weeks are an adjustment for everyone. Don’t rush into anything. What I would suggest is to at least implement a feeding schedule. Like, eat every 2 or 3 hours.

2) Keep a log to track when your baby eats, sleep (and how long for), etc. It’ll be easier to pinpoint or see a pattern that needs to be changed.

3) E.A.S.Y. sleep does not apply at night. Avoid changing diapers unless you HAVE too. ie; changing a poopy diaper.

4) Don’t let your baby cry it out. Don’t ignore their cries. Try to figure out what he/she is telling you. Does baby’s diaper need to be changed, has he been up for too long and tired? Is he hungry?

5) EASY by the pound- if your baby was born a preemie or less then 6 1/2 pounds you may have to adjust how often they eat. For example, feed every two hours instead of three. Also, please protect your preemies and their sleep. They are technically not even supposed to be here yet, so they need to sleep. Keep them in a womb-like experience. Quiet, warm and dark.

Houston Lifestyle blogger Uptown with Elly Brown shares the E.A.S.Y. sleep routine for your baby

Here are a few things to think about;

If you cant get your baby to sleep more than three or four hours during the night, then he/she may not be getting enough to eat during the day. You can also try “tanking up” before bed.

If your baby is waking up at the same time every night and only eating only more then a few ounces, that is called habitual waking. And it’s almost never about hunger.

If your baby was sleeping and now all of a sudden is waking up to eat, he or she may be going through a growth spurt. Try feeding more during the day during each feed.

You will have setbacks and bad days. That’s okay! Just pick back up the next day.

I put Liam to sleep in his crib during the day. That way, when the time comes to transition him to sleep in his crib all night he is familiar with the crib and space.

If he still happens to be asleep and the time to eat is approaching, I will wake him up. Let’s say your little one has also only been sleeping for 30 minutes, and just took too long to settle down and to fall asleep, I still wake them up. I just shorten the next activity time and let him sleep longer during the next nap.

Houston Lifestyle blogger Uptown with Elly Brown shares the E.A.S.Y. Sleep Schedule for your newborn

Hopefully, this answers a lot of your sleep schedule questions. Stay tuned for the next E.A.S.Y. routine which 4-6 months.

Thank you so much for stopping by for our sleep schedule, as always I am here if you ever have any sleep schedule questions! You can DM me, send me an email or leave a comment.

Have a great day!




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27 comments on “E.A.S.Y Sleep Schedule for your Newborn

  • Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says: http://charmainenyw.com

    Your photos are the cutest, as always. And I really love your hair! 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  • Lindsay D. says:

    My SIL gave me that book when i got pregnant. She swears by it. I now buy it for all of my friends expecting. Our little dude is 9 weeks old and just slept 10 hours last night (in his own crib & room) followed by a 1.5 hour nap. Still working on naps during the day, but the EASY routine is rockin’ my world!!

    • Elly says: https://www.uptownwithellybrown.com

      YAYYY!!!!!! Look at you mama! Way to go, I bet you feel like a new woman!

  • Lauren says:

    Do you have suggestions on putting baby down for naps during the day that don’t include crying it out or rocking? This is where my confusion comes in: PED says put them down partially awake to avoid creating a sleep crutch, but we aren’t supposed to let baby cry it out either. I turn on the sound machine, put him in his halo sack, rock until he starts getting those rolling sleepy eyes, put him down in his bed and pray he dozes. This works most times but not every time.

    • Elly says: https://www.uptownwithellybrown.com

      That’s what I do Lauren, and that in my opinions is the best way. But what I do once I put him down I will go back and soothe him (if he cries or stirs), or pat him to say “Hey, it’s okay, I’m here and you need to sleep”. I also give and gave all my boys a paci so that helped with self-soothing.

    • Elly says: https://www.uptownwithellybrown.com

      Think about it this way, sometimes we stir and it takes us a while to go to sleep too. So we gotta remember they require a bit sometimes too. 🙂

      • Lauren says:

        Yay! Feels good to be on the same page as someone else! He also does a huge chunk 7Pish-1A but is up every two hours after that (making his last feeding at 6ish) I’m hoping to push those cluster feeds later, wake up for that catnap and follow threat of the schedule you posted. Hopefully that has him sleeping until closer to 5am. Thank you so much for posting this. My other babe is almost 4 and I swear I did the whole sleep thing all wrong the first time around ??‍♀️

  • INA says:

    Hi Elly. I am a new to EASY.. My 11 day old would sleep right after I breastfeed. So what do I do if the routine says feed at 7 and sleep at 8.15.. How can I make that happen? What activities do you suggest? Thank you

  • INA says:

    Also, I am having difficulty feeding him at 10pm because he is still very sleepy. He can sleep for 3-4hrs from 7pm and after every feed. Shoul i just let him sleep? He’s 6.1lbs at birth, now 6.6.

    • Elly says: https://www.uptownwithellybrown.com

      Hey Ina! Congrats on your baby!!! Okay so first, your baby is itty bitty. You are going to need to adjust a bit because your little baby is a bit smaller and born at 6lbs. I would stick to a feed every two hours until he gets to 7lbs. The time will vary for each baby as far how much they can stay awake. He may only be able to stay up for 15-20 mins right now. As he gains more weight that time will increase, and around 7lbs he can stay for 45(ish) minutes. The awake time will count during his feed as well. SO if he is falling asleep after a feed what I would do in the middle of the feed is maybe undressing him, or changing his diaper to wake up. Also, what if you push that feed to 10:30 or maybe even 11? Also, if you want we can DM on IG and I can send you videos explaining better if that helps! 🙂

  • Amanda says:

    Oops. Just realized I typed the wrong email address…just fixed it

  • marisa ghani says:

    Hello, thanks for the help. I am confused about merging night time feeds to wake at 7. My baby is waking up at 545- 6am to eat. I try to push him as long as possible, but should I also feed around 7 to get him used to that time? So, basically he wod be done eating for 15 minutes and then I feed him again? Thanks!

    • Elly says: https://www.uptownwithellybrown.com

      Hey Marisa, no, are you doing a dream feed at all? Send me an email at ellybrown@uptownwithellybrown.com so we can chat a little bit better and I can see if I can help out a bit!

      • Kristina says:


        I too am having this problem. My 1 month old has a great day time schedule down, and goes to bed around 830 every night with a dream feed around 1030. He wakes up around 2, 230 to eat and then again around 530.

        What I’ve tried doing is feeding him at 730 instead of 7 and then going to 10 and the rest of the day, but I’m hoping as he approaches 6 weeks soon he will start dropping the nighttime feedings. Do you have any suggestions on how to help that?

      • Elly says: https://www.uptownwithellybrown.com

        my biggest tip is to make sure he is getting enough to eat during the day. He is still a bit young, so for him to wake at these times is normal. I would work on cutting out that 2am feed. instead of pushing up the feed, I would try pushing it back. So maybe try feeding at 11pm vs 10pm. If he is getting enough during the day, then he won’t have such a need to eat at night. Also- send me an email, it’s a bit easier for us to chat that way 🙂 my email is ellybrown@uptownwithellybrown.com

  • Tired momma says:

    I’m thinking of getting the book as I’m now close to losing my mind with various sleep issues. My baby is 3 months old. Ive seen this schedule online but I have questions re troubleshooting. Does the book address things like: What if baby falls asleep during the eat or activity time, do you wake or restart the cycle? If you take the baby for a stroll/an errand, does that count as activity? if your baby refuses to go down for a nap during the designated time and never falls asleep during that period, what do you do? Does the book answer those kinds of questions? Thanks!

    • Elly says: https://www.uptownwithellybrown.com

      Hi tired mama! I think the book is GREAT to answer questions like you have and will help with A LOT of questions and the what if’s. You can find it on Amazon and find some gently used for under $15.

  • Anna says:

    Hi, thanks so much for this post. We have the book and have been trying to impelent the EASY routine with my 5 week old baby for the last week (just got the book, wish I had seen it before). I’m having trouble with what to when she won’t go to sleep no matter how much back patting and shushing I do–it’ll take an hour to get her to sleep, easily. So the end result is she’s only sleeping about 12 hours per 24 hour period because it just takes so long to get her to sleep. I haven’t been shortening her daytime naps, I’m worried she’s not getting enough sleep so when she finally falls asleep I let her sleep 2 hours. Should I not? Also, at night is it ok to let her stay asleep when she falls asleep feeding? Otherwise we end up with the same scenario of taking an hour to get her back to sleep.

  • Colette says:

    Hi! I would love to incorporate this in to our home’s schedule. Our baby is 6 weeks. I cannot imagine baby falling asleep after play. The only thing that makes him fall asleep is eating. We usually do a diaper change immediately upon wake up, followed by eating, then he either falls asleep again or wants to stay awake. If he stays awake we do play with him, but he always ends up being overstimulated/cranky no matter our observation of sleepy cues and avoiding the out of control crying, which always ends up going back to feeding him to sleep. It’s a vicious cycle! Please help! Everyone keeps saying it gets easier, but I desperately want my pre-baby routine back (or at least as close as possible).

    • Elly says: https://www.uptownwithellybrown.com

      Hey Colette, send me a DM over on IG (@uptownwithellybrown) that way I can help you a bit. You have to take a lot of things into play, like if your baby was born early, etc. I would suggest when you are done with the “play time” find something else to help soothe him to sleep. Like maybe you can rock him for a bit to help calm him down? Normally, with all three boys when it was nap time, I would remove them from play time, go to their room, close the curtains, change their diapers and rock them for a bit, so they always knew when that was happening it meant nap time. Does that make sense?

  • Krista says:

    Thanks for sharing this! Currently working on getting a routine going for my 9 week old. are you able to clarify what you mean by “Around eight weeks old turn the two cluster feeding into one (at around 5:30-6 PM).”? Is it simply remove the 8PM cluster feed and then feed again for the dream feed at 10PM? Thanks!

    • Elly says: https://www.uptownwithellybrown.com

      hey Krista, Yes! You are correct, sorry that sounds a bit confusing.

  • JoAnna says:

    Hi there-

    I have an almost 8 week old son who has basically been following EASY since we came home from the hospital. During the day he does great, puts himself out and naps for 2 hours. We are struggling with the evening portion of easy, starting after the catnap.
    We’ve been trying to wake him at 6, play a bit, start the bath time routine at 6:30ish and then do the bottle at 7 and get him down after a book and song. He seems overtired with this method, but starting with a feed at 6 seems too early to make it to the dream feed. Any suggestions for the 5-7 timeframe would be greatly appreciated!!

    • Elly says: https://www.uptownwithellybrown.com

      Hey JoAnna, When is his catnap- how long is it? And when is the nap before the catnap?

  • Liz says:

    Hi, what do you do when the baby takes a short nap, do you still feed when they wake up even if it hasn’t been 3 hours?

    • Elly says: https://www.uptownwithellybrown.com

      Hey Liz! No I do not, unless of course, the baby didn’t eat enough or fully the feed before. What can happen if you feed after they wake up, is they can fall right back asleep because they also didn’t get a full nap in. But keep in mind- if baby wakes up and it’s 15 or 30mins before a feed and you can tell baby is hungry, of course, go ahead and feed. I never really was SO strict down to the minute. More so creating a routine and not a set schedule.