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Spring Dresses For Every Occassion

Spring has sprung, and we are kicking off the season with all things Spring. I have been asked a few times now to share different Spring dresses, so I thought this would be a perfect post to round-up ALL the spring dresses (okay, maybe not all, but there are A LOT of them) below.

From wedding guest dresses, to graduation dresses, and even vacation dresses, everything is categorized below, so it’s easy to shop! We also made sure to include something for everyone with different budgets too.

FYI- I do have a unique code for Petal & Pup. I wanted to call this out because if you do get a dress from there, you can use code: ELLYBROWN for 20% off (and they have SOOO many cute dresses for under $100). S/O to them for giving Uptown readers a discount!

Weekend Brunch


Remember always to check the dress code for the wedding you attend. Often, if not specified, you can wear a cocktail kind of dress (which I think of it as a dress that carries you from day to night). Invites typically are also a good indication of how formal (or not formal) the wedding is. Below you’ll find a little inspo for different dress codes!

Vacation Dress


Easy and breezy, these spring dresses below are perfect for any shower! Baby shower, wedding shower, Bridal shower (did I leave any showers out?!) For showers, think easy, breezy Sunday best. Dresses can generally be shorter, and the fabric is pretty casual! Note; these are not really for the person you are showering; these are more so for guests (if you’re attending as a guest).


Vacation dresses need a category all on their own! When I think of vacation dresses, I think a bit more skin, open back, very colorful, and lots of print! Not typically something you would wear day to day, but something you have year after year for that beach vacation! Speaking of vacation, I am counting down the months to revisit Jamaica – I can’t wait to go back in a couple of months!


A bit more fun, a bit more spicy. So many have lost out on a graduation over the last couple of years. So I figured what better way than to wear a dress that makes a statement. These are fun; some are flirty, but they definitely says, “I DID IT!”

Thank you so much for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed all the spring dresses above! And if you end up buying one of the ones we shared today, tag me on social! I would love to see your #OOTD.

Have a great day friend!


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