Summer Bags You’ll Love for under $100

Are you looking to update your summer bags but not quite willing to spend hundreds of dollars? Well, then this post is for you! But, I’m going to be honest here, I did also include a few luxury summer bags in case you want to window shop ( I know I can’t be the only one to add to cart, wishfully thinking, and then x out of the browser ?).

All jokes aside, purses nowadays are more expensive than ever! And I don’t know about you, but I do NOT want to be shelling out a thousand dollars or even 400 every new season for a new bag. Not that I think you or I need a new bag every season, it’s nice sometimes to update and refresh the wardrobe with a pretty bag without going overboard.

Summer bags in the categories straw, trendy, and everyday!

So today, we are rounding up all the summer bags (as I said- most of them are under $100). So, you don’t have to feel too guilty about treating yourself!


Straw bags are pretty trendy right now but I think it can go both ways with it being a trend and also an everyday bag, especially during the summertime! I LOVE straw bags during the spring and summer. This year I got this all-black one and I LOVE it, and it’s under $30!

Elly Brown wearing a polka dot dress with a straw belt and bag from walmart!


Trendy items can be a hit or miss nowadays! My personal recommendation is to avoid anything too trendy unless you of course love it and can find multiple ways to wear it, then by all means- go for it! Remember also, it’s not just the print or color that can be trendy, but also the shape of the bag. For example, the one below is one of my trendy bags from JW PEI. Love the quality of their bags and they range all below $120!

Elly brown wearing an oversized trench coat with a ribbed knit dress and sneakers


Your everyday bags that can be worn all year round, but the tones and colors of these are a bit lighter in tone (which is normally what you see for spring & summer). If want to avoid buying a bag just for one season, or something trendy and you want longevity, then these below are it! Your everyday bag tends to be a bit more neutral and can be worn with just about any outfit! Polene has some stunning and simple everyday bags for a pretty decent price point- I bought one of their bags and love it (pictured below)!

Elly brown wearing a petal and pup floral dress with a polene bag and platform sandals

Did this summer bags post help you find something? Let me know below!! Thanks so much for stopping by.





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