Summer Denim Dress

Summer denim dress
Summer denim dress

Happy Hump day!!

Today I wanted to do something fun other than just talk about my outfit. Although this dress is on sale for $20… ANNNNDD it’s a denim dress. It’s the perfect summer denim dress if you ask me!

So what I am doing today that’s so fun? Well, you know me I love getting personal and real. So today I wanted to do 10 things you may or may not know about me. If you didn’t think I was such a complete goof ball by now, now you will. Ready?

  1. I was born in Brazil, but grew up as a child in Bridgeport, Connecticut. When I was 4 we move to NYC for about 8 months, and then we lived in CT for 8 years. We then moved to Brazil for about a 1 ½ years and back again to Houston, TX. I think I’m done moving, unless God has a different plan!
  2. Speaking of growing up in CT. I was straight hood, actually even in my high school days. Don’t let the white girl fool ya. I know how to get crunk, haha! Which is probably why you see us listening to rap with the boys so much. We all love Lecrae and Trip Lee. #striaghthood
  3. I never went to College. I have never had a desire for school. I have thought about going to Theology school but, to be honest…I didn’t want my marriage in that kind of debt when I knew my passion was to be a stay at home mom as did Jordan. So we believed God to provide,while working our butts off and managing our finances as best we could.
  4. I have never been a sports girl. I didn’t even go to a single football game in high school…and now I’m married to an all-star football player. Haha!
  5. I am the baby in the family. I have a big sister (whom I love and miss so much). She lives in CT with her family and she is waaaaaaaaaaay older than I am, like 8 years older. She is going to strangle me for the waayyyy older part!
  6. I want to be done having kids by the age of 30. Now I know I still have a few more years for that. But I DO NOT want to be 40 and have a 10-year-old. My parents had my sister and I when they were young, so they are both still young-ish. But I love that my parents have energy to play with the boys.
  7. Speaking of family, the only family I have here in the US are my parents and my sister. Everyone else is in Brazil, which when I really think about kinda bums me out. I would love for the boys to be brought up with more of a latin culture. Because I have lived here for so long I don’t know much of it. I do speak Portuguese, but it’s not very proper.
  8. I have a sweet tooth. Like BAD. If I could I would eat only cakes, and sour candy and some wine. ALL day, errrrday. I love making brigadeiro and I will eat the full thing in one sitting.
  9.  As scared as I am to actually complete a course like Tough Mudder, I really want to compete in a course like that more often. Jordan did one a few years and he loved it. I have been a gym junkie the last year, so being able to see myself accomplish things I never thought I could just fires me up to go kick butt in a course like tough mudder…although I’m such diva and not sure how I feel about all the mud. #sorrynotsorry
  10. I’m an old school kind of girl. Which is why I still iron my husband clothes, now before you get all crazy on me, while I do think times have changed and I don’t think it’s bad for women to work outside the home, I actually enjoy being home and taking care of my house and family. I know that it’s my calling. My calling is to help and serve my husband (I’m in no means perfect and don’t get it right all the time, but I try). I love staying at home with my boys, and holding down the fort so my husband can do what he was called to do.

Well, that’s all for now! That was actually harder than I thought, I had to do some serious digging! I hope have a great day today! As always, thank you for stopping by!


Summer denim dress
Summer denim dress
Summer denim dress
Summer denim dress
Summer denim dress
Summer denim dress
Summer denim dress

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Photog By Ailee Petrovic

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Such a super pretty and girly outfit, fantastic for the summertime! I’m loving your sunnies and bag!

Retha Doze

I love those 10 things about you, keeping it , I can truly relate, I grew up in the hood as well, but still know how to be a lady. Keep it real girl, I love it.

Hanna B

Thank you for sharing so personal thoughts. It’s so encouraging to read about how you and your husband honour your dreams and what you believe God has called you to. My husband and I have the same dream, I want to stay at home with our future kids and keep everything running at the house. And though so many people question these ideas I know that it’s what God has put in my heart and that its also needed in order for my husband to pursue his dream. Seems like it’s hard for people to wrap their minds around that you can actually long for that kind of “backward”-thinking life… So thank you, it meant a lot to read this post!
Blessings, Hanna