Our Sunroom Makeover Reveal

This post is in collaboration with Wayfair. However, all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.
This room indeed has become one of my favorites since moving into the house. Between all the family time we have here, and how the sunlight fills the sunroom, it’s no wonder why it’s my favorite. I wanted to do this room justice when decorating, so I took my time picking everything out. Because we spend so much time here, it not only has to be functional but cozy. It MUST be cozy. I love how this space came out, so without further ado, let’s dive into our sunroom reveal + sharing a few sunroom decorating ideas.

You probably know, but our house was built in 81, there is SO MUCH charm and character in the house. I’ve had a hard time nailing down the style I wanted for the home. I don’t want to take away from the house’s character, and I don’t want to modernize it too much. I like warm, cozy, a touch of glam, with a bit of English cottage. Maybe you would call that modern English cottage?

Full room view of sunroom part of wayfair living room reveal

Couch // Dog Bed // Rug // Ottoman // Blanket

I’m also trying to be careful because an English cottage can become very farmhouse(ish), and that’s not what I am going for. So maybe it’s traditional modern? I’m still figuring it out. Hopefully, by the time the house is fully decorated, I will have it nailed down.

To make a room cozy, I have learned the trick is to play with textiles- LOTS of textiles. Pillows, curtains, blankets, you name it.

I’ve also learned it’s okay to mix and match your materials too with decorating. You’ll notice I have some wooden elements, gold details for that *touch* of glam, and some iron pieces too. But, again, when combining the different elements and textiles and put all together, it looks so good. It’s the perfect mix in my book.

Another full room with of sunroom part of wayfair sunroom makeover

Ottoman Tray (similar)

Picture of book shelf with built in TV part living room decor


Up close picture of right side of book shelf part of a neutral bookshelf decor
Left side up close picture of book shelf part of shelf part of a neutral bookshelf decor

Vase// Wooden Balls// Black Chain // Moss Balls // Picture Frames //

Candle Sticks // Small Pots // Wooden Bowl

Styling bookshelves, I will say, is a pain in the but?. My tip is to have patience! I can’t even tell you how many times we moved things around until we found the right balance (and if you can’t get it right, walk away, take a break and then come back to revisit).

Items when paired in odds, visually, things look and flow better too. When styling your bookshelf, try adding depth and again different elements! Add floral or greenery, layer picture frames behind to create more depth. Books, vases, and bowls are also always great and simple decor items!

wooden side coffee table for a cozy and warm sunroom decor

Side Table // Orchid // Coffee Table Books

This side table needs its moment! My very favorite Wayfair find for this space! It’s exactly what I was looking for in this space. Also, this orchid plant IS real. Let’s hope I can keep it alive ?.

I also debated a lot if I wanted to put curtains in this room. The room has enormous ceilings and also does have two skylights. But again, I wanted the room to feel cozy and inviting, and I always think curtains are like accessories to an outfit- it just completes the space. Don’t you think?

Another close up of side table with potted orchid with family picture part of wayfair living room reveal

Curtain Rod // Curtains // Coasters

Corner of room

Three decorative pillows on leather couch part of wayfair living room reveal

Floral Lumbar Pillow // Tan Trim Pillow // Solid Throw Pillow

potted plant and hanging abstract picture

Picture (Similar) // Plant

Looking for Sunroom Decorating ideas? Blogger Elly Brown shows her sunroom makeover and how she makes the space cozy and warm!

Looking for Sunroom Decorating ideas? Blogger Elly Brown shows her sunroom makeover and how she makes the space cozy and warm!

Now that the kids are back in school, this space stays nice and clean too. I love working and sitting on the couch in here. It’s so peaceful and quiet!


Thanks so much for stopping by I hope you loved my sunroom decorating ideas and tips. Comment down below what you think of this space?







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