Mommy Uniform: T-shirt & Jeans

Let’s talk mommy uniform (t-shirt and jeans) AKA what I am wearing 90% of the time. One of the reasons why I slightly miss the corporate world is being able to dress up. Crazy I know, but I will say I love being able to run after the boys and not have to worry about breaking my heel or being uncomfortable.

Looking for ideas on a mommy uniform? Uptown with Elly Brown shares how to make a t-shirt &  jeans look stylish for the everyday!

With that being said I wanted to bring to you some new looks for your mommy uniforms so you can ditch the yoga pants….. (did I really just say that?!) Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE me some yoga pants, I mean I’m wearing them as I write this (insert side smirk) but, yoga pants should be left well, for yoga (gasp! Did I just say that out loud too?!) So lets kick off mommy uniform series with a t-shirt & jeans look, and let me start off by saying that a t-shirt and jeans look doesn’t have to be boring.casual mommy style t-shirt & jeans

casual mommy style t-shirt & jeans

casual mommy style

Even though I don’t wear sneakers a whole lot, I have a slight obsession with cool kicks. So much so that I have rubbed off on my husband and he now is starting his own collection (see this post for proof). Cool sneakers add instant coolness to any outfit. Even when you pair it with a dress! To top off my look I added a colored sweater around the hips to break up the all-white jeans and sneakers and to tie it in with the pink sleeves on my t-shirt and sunglasses. And voila you have upgraded your t-shirt & jeans look. Easy peasy right?

Stay tuned for mommy uniforms and how to leave those yoga pants behind!casual mommy styleAffiliate Links: top via Sweetees / Pants / Sweater  / Shoes

Photography by Loren Ferguson

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Ashlie Langston

Love this idea and this look!! Mamas can be comfortable and cute!! 🙂

Rachel L

Love this look! Cute and comfy


Your description of the mommy uniform is pretty funny. Your reluctance to completely fall out of love with your old professional outfits, despite your current preference for comfort, is also understandable.