Cute & Cheap Target Swimsuit Under $50

Cute & Cheap Target Swimsuit Under $50 by Houston fashion blogger Uptown with Elly Brown



A few weeks ago we went on vacation, and so many of you asked about my swimsuits, and where I bought them all. Well, would you believe me if I told I got them all from Target?! I know right!!

This year was the very first year ever trying and even buying a Target swimsuit. I have always bought Brazilian suits from Brazil. This year was also the very first time being pregnant in the summer, and I didn’t really feel like spending a whole lot of money on something I would buy new next year. Side note; I really can not wait to have Liam so I can buy myself a high waisted swimsuit. It’ll be perfect for the postpartum body too!

But I am so happy I went to Target, it’s hard to say if you can find more of a selection online or in store. I think you can find your perfect Target swimsuit both online or in store (If you are pregnant and looking to order a two-piece swimsuit, I would suggest going up a size or two).

There are tons of different styles, options, and you can even mix and match your target swimsuit if you want.

I am linking a TON of various options in the LTK widget (and kept it all under $50!). Hope you have fun shopping!

Thanks for stopping by, have a great day!


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