Tori Kelly Inspired Curls

I so badly wish I had the natural Tori Kelly curls. They are so beautiful! But, I don’t. Haha

I this tutorial I show you how I get the gorgeous Tori Kelly look!

Beachy Curls | Beachy waves | Tori Kelly Inspired curls | Uptown with Elly Brown

Hey guys!! Finally a new video! For today I am showing you how I get my Tori Kelly inspired curls (now if I can just sing like her). I love Tori Kelly and think she is so stinking adorable, and her voice is out of this world.

I love how she is always rocking her curls and since I can not get my hair as curly as hers this is the next best thing, ha! Like I mention it in the video, it’s supposed to be fun, sassy and wild so HAVE FUN WITH IT! If you want more curl, you can always grab a wand to curl it some more.

My biggest suggestion is when you are done washing your hair try not to comb it, combing it out will make it harder for you to get the bouncy waves/curl. Especially if you have straight hair. You can comb your hair in the shower after conditioning and then wrap your hair up in the towel.


Products mentioned: Fav4 Cream \ Bumble and Bumble Spray  \ Dove Hairspray \ GHD Hairdryer

Makeup Details:
Eyeshadow Too Faced Sweet Peach-
Lip color in 08-
Ka-BROW! in shade 02 –
Foundation in Bisque 26-
Blush in Melba-
Highlighter in moonlight-

Thank you for stopping by! I hope you enjoy the video.


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Tori Kelly inspired curls- what products did you use? Thanks!