Uptown Has A New Look!

Welcome to the new site!!! I am SO SO SO excited to share this project with you guys. I can not believe the new site is finally live, and I am just ecstatic about how it all looks.

I want to first and foremost give Carrie– who brought the design to life a special shoutout. THANK YOU CARRIE, you are just amazing! Also, thank you to my CD babes AND men at Chloé Digitial, who coded the site and have worked so hard to make sure everything looks perfect. #ittakesavillage

Below, you’ll see some screenshots along with some new features I want to make sure you don’t miss. The goal of the new site is to make things easy to find, and to leave you inspired in some way. Go ahead and take a look around and stay as long as you like!

Houston Uptown with Elly Brown shares her brand new website, along with the latest features and how you can navigate the site easily!


The home page the biggest change of all, and I LOVE it. When you first land on Uptown you’ll find a quote that I will often be changing, a place to subscribe to Uptown newsletter, and a link to the shop page.

The layout for blog posts is a little different as well, but as you scroll, you’ll find recent videos from my YT that you can play from the homepage. If you scroll down just a bit more, you will find the best of the section; where you can find some of the top blog posts in the last 30 days!

A few other updated pages that I won’t highlight down below is the About Me page, and the Contact page (make sure you check those out)!



Under my shop page, you will find my Instagram outfits linked, everything I talk about on Instagram stories and more! You will also see my beauty must-haves, along with all my favorites from home decor, to fashion, and even family items.



Under my videos tab, you will find ALL of my YouTube videos, and it’s organized by topic at the top, making it easy for you to find what you are looking for!



In each blog post, you can now toggle between previous and past posts (see the buttons on each side, cool, huh?!). There is also a brand new comment section at the bottom of the page, along with related blog posts!

Something else you will start seeing in each blog post- outfit details and links will be highlighted in a small pink box at the very end of a blog post to the right of the screen (see the picture below for example).

Finally, the last update on blog posts (like my favorite hair textures post), products and links will be a bit more visual and easier to shop too… this is one of my favorite features!





You don’t see this page unless you’re coming from my Instagram, but I figured I would share because it also got a makeover. To keep things simple, when you land on my IG page you will find a few highlighted items that I have mentioned on stories, plus a link to shop everything from my IG outfits, beauty favorites, and more!

As you keep scrolling, you’ll see recent blog posts, latest videos, and a link to my facebook group.


Thank you so much for stopping by, I hope you love the new site as much as I do!


See you soon!


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I’m in love with the new layout, Elly! It looks so good! Good job! ❤️✨

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