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We are back from our annual family, I meant trip (vacation with kids, is not a vacation, but a relocation ?). Even though we had a blast, it was a lot of WORK. It may have been one of the most challenging trips with all the kids (more of that later). So I wanted to make sure to round up all my vacation outfits in one place for you to shop. So you’ll find all my outfits, plus a few tips on WHAT to pack for your next trip!

LEFT PICTURE: one piece / hat / sunglasses
RIGHT PICTURE: top / bottoms

My love for Brasilian brands runs DEEP. I mentioned over on my stories while on vacation that if you have not tried Brasilian swimwear, you are missing out. The quality, how it fits, everything about it is out of the park when compared to American swimwear. I found PH Praia, a Brasilian company now in the US (Miami), and they carry some of the SOFTEST Brasilian swimwear. The unique prints are just ?.


OUTFIT #1: top / bottom / hat / sunglasses
#2: top / bottom / belt

If you don’t want to try Brasilian swimwear, make sure you head to this post, where I tried several different brands and fits that I’m sure you’ll find something! These two above were two of my favorites aside from PH Praia ones from the trip. Both are very different styles, but so cute! The seashell belt too, is the cutest accessory if you’re feeling fancy.


LEFT OUTFIT: one piece / cover-up / sandals / hat
MIDDLE OUTFIT: top / bottom / cover-up
RIGHT OUTFIT: cover-up / one piece / sandals / hat / sunglasses

My cover-ups this year very much so had a theme, call me extra, but I LOVED it. Nothing says vacation cover-ups like crochet. I’m SO upset I left my Mumu one at the restaurant and that someone stole it instead of turning it into the lost and found (believe me, I called). I immediately placed a new order and got it in the mail the day after we arrived ? ( I love it that much).


OUTFIT #1: dress / shoes / earrings
#2: dress / sandals / earrings / clutch

When it comes to vacation outfits, I like to pack a lot of dresses and easy pieces to wear. Of course, it’s easier to style and wear dresses, but it’s also easy to pack (that’s my biggest tip)! I didn’t bring any shorts, or denim with me. Just easy, light fabrics to wear. And in the summer, I love to wear bold colors and print, so I usually gravitate to that during summer vacation trips too. I can’t even say I have a favorite look this trip; I loved all the outfits I packed!

OUTFIT #1: top / skirt / shoes / clutch / earrings
#2: dress / sandals


palm earrings / gold bead bangle / all-weather bangles

Finally, I also try to pack light when it comes to accessories. Neutral pieces, again, I know that match well with different outfits. For example, these TKEES sandals can be worn with anything. This clutch also pairs with any outfit. A straw hat you love can again be worn during the day, or night to cover up the sandy beach hair.

The one thing I will pack more of is jewelry; since they are smaller and lighter, I tend to overdo it there. But only because I think it’s a fun way to dress up your vacation outfits without doing too much. Also, as you can see from all the pictures, I LOVE my all-weather bangles. They are plastic, so you don’t have to worry about swimming in them and they are not loud. I found the dupes to them here (under $10) if you want the look for less!

Thank you so much for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed my round-up of vacation outfits, and I hope you found some looks and even items you love for your next vacation!

Have a good one!


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