Valentine’s Day Gifts For Every Budget

Valentine’s Day is in 2 weeks! To kick off February and all things love, today we are sharing Valentine’s Day gifts for every budget! I separated them by price points so you can find exactly what you need. Under $50, $100 and under $150. I also added a luxe gift section for the lady that loves to treat herself!

I included a bit of everything too, for the beauty lover, jewelry, clothing, and of course, SHOES! Are you surprised😉?! #nevertoomanyshoes

There’s some good stuff y’all. I for sure have my eye on the Nike sneakers and the wine chiller perfect for having friends over or for nights I make JB watch the Bachelor with me. LOL!


Skin Care Fridge – I have a skincare fridge and LOVE it. I don’t have this exact one, but I kind of wish I did now, I love storing my facial masks and eye gels/creams to use in the am. I love how this one has different compartments too. Very, very cool!

Nike Tennis Shoes– I need a pair of new workout sneakers so bad. And I have been looking for an all-black one (this one comes in tones of different colors) and I love this one. This sneaker is on my wish list!

Dossier Perfume– I know I keep mentioning Dossier, but I just ordered two more, and I love them! Clean perfume and cologne for men and women, and under $30. Love them. 

Red Coin Bag– The cutest coin bag I’ve ever seen! It comes in different colors too, but I love the red, adding this to my wish list too.


I hope you find my ideas and suggestions helpful. Happy Shopping!



Gifts Under $50: 



Gifts Under $100 : 




Luxe Gifts: 



Thank you so much for stopping by, have a great day!




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