Valentine’s Gift Ideas For Him Under $100

Valentine’s day believe it or not is shy of 15 days away! I’ve gathered gift ideas for her under $100, and now I want to round up 15 Valentine’s Gift Ideas For Him Under $100, at all price points. All JB approved and gifts that your man will love.

I’ve learned that when it comes to gift-giving for men, the easier, the better! Anytime I buy JB something extra, he never uses it. Now, if I buy something practical and straightforward, he will use it or wear it until it’s got holes in them! Go figure!  From the style lover to fixer-upper and even chef, I’ve got it all down here! All simple and no fuss. Happy shopping!

Valentine gifts for him under $25

Whiskey Stones

These Whiskey Gift Sets are the ultimate gift for any strong whiskey fans, an ideal gift for your favorite men: Grandpa, Dad, Husband, Brother, Boyfriend. They will fall in love with these cool looking whiskey accessories that are reusable!

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Magnetic Wrist Band

This makes a great gift for the guy who has it all. Especially the guy who is always fixing things around the house.

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Beard Apron

Is this a gift for him or really you? LOL, one thing I can’t stand is the hair that gets everywhere-AND I am left to clean it up! This gift will definitely be a great gift for him…or me.

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Yeti Coffee Mug

Can you ever have too many coffee mugs? I think not! Plus I don’t think Jordan cares to drink out of my “mom rules” coffee mug so this is a great gift idea.

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Beard Trimmer

A great gift to pair with the hair catcher I mentioned above for him. Love how it comes with different attachments too, ain’t nobody like ear hair.

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A small but very nice gift that will make a nice addition when he goes to work or dresses up.

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Valentine gifts for him under $50

Laptop Backpack

This backpack has it all! USB port, a lock, water resistant, and so much more! Makes a great gift for the tech guy.

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Ralph Lauren Boxers

Three pack of boxers in classic combed cotton. They fit true to size with an elastic waistband!

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Leather Wallet

Jordan will use his wallet until there is holes in it. I finally upgraded his wallet, and if you’re guy is like JB- I know he’ll appreciate the small gesture.

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Such a fun gift that not only Jordan will like for the kids, but the kids too! It’ll keep them busy that’s for sure.

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Shop Apron

This makes a perfect gift for the guy who is always in the shop getting dirty.

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8 kneading massage nodes provide deep massage to your tissues and muscles which give you a soothing and relaxing experience to your strained muscles whether it is due to physical strain or mental stress!

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Valentine gifts for him under $100

Cotton Button Down

Another great find that is on sale! All sizes are available and it comes in this color as well as a grey!

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Travel Bag

The perfect extra bag – use it daily for the gym, slide over the handles of your wheeled luggage as a personal item, or toss it in your carry-on as an extra bag for the trip home.

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Leather Belt

Nice dress belts are so hard to come by. I try to buy Jordan them every time I see them.

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Air Force Sneakers

There is nothing sweeter than a fresh pair of kicks. These are a pair he is sure to love.

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Shave Set

This set is so nice and will look so good on the bathroom counter!

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Leather Timex Watch

Another great piece that will looks so good on him whether he dresses up or down. Watches to Jordan are like shoes to me… you can never have too many! LOL

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Cuisinart Knife Set

Another gift that would make a great gift for him…or her. Great set that will last a long time and not to mention how nice it will look on the counter.

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Do you have any Valentine’s Day plans? Let me know below. I hope Valentine’s Day gift ideas For Him Under $100 helped! Thank you so much for stopping by!


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I love that you included a drone in the guide! Seems like every guy is obsessed with flying one haha! 🙂

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog


These are great ideas! My girlfriend and I decided to do mugs and candles under ten dollars! Just small presents – but I like these ideas a lot!

Thomas Snyder

We love the drone suggestion! Great for fun, or to start a small side gig with! Very cool idea!