My Walk-in Closet Makeover

My Dream closet, I can’t believe I even get to share a space like this with you (pinching myself). I love how this walk-in closet makeover turned out, I couldn’t have done it alone. I had an *idea* of what I wanted it to look like, but to see it come to life was hard for me.

Let’s jump into the details, and how we did this, shall we? Also, make sure to scroll to the bottom to see the before. It never ceases to amaze me how much one room can change SO much.


Sara, from Sal of Approval, really made the magic happen. Sara started her organizing business here in Houston (she did our pantry, and I also want to have her do our garage this coming summer?). Anywho, Sara came over and got all the measurements, asked what I wanted, what things needed to look like for functionality etc. What you see above is a mock-up + some inpso we had for the walk-in closet makeover.

My closet isn’t a huge room, probably about 10×5 (I’m horrible with size and guessing). But, I have tall ceilings, and if you take a look at the before picture, there was A LOT of wasted space. So the closet isn’t huge, but it’s plenty of space.

I knew I wanted to go the custom route and hire a contractor vs. going to The Container Store (no shade, just wanted to support a small company). Felix from Rooted Homes and Design came highly recommended and actually did most of our renovations here at the house. He did my closet and helped bring the vision to life. His attention to detail, BTW, is terrific.


You’ll notice from the original design Sara did, we ended up removing the hat section and added more hanging space since I have my hats in my office on display.

We also ended up tweaking the drop-down rack for sweaters and jackets because of the shoe shelves. I was not about to give up my shoe shelves, so the rack on the right end is a regular rack, and the front rack has a pull-down.

We were going to do open shelving for the bags, but Felix strongly encouraged me to add glass cabinets for a more polished look. I am so glad I listened to him because he was right. ??

Felix also made the shoe shelves adjustable and a few extra shelves in case. You know I like shoes… so this made my day!


Once the closet was painted, Sara and I got to work on organizing things. Well, Sara did most of the work; I just helped ?.

The biggest hurdle was the jewelry inserts for the drawers. I *SHOULD* have measured these before and gotten Felix to make the drawers just a little bit wider. You probably won’t tell in pictures, but we had to cut the edges of the jewelry organizers because it was off by ½ an inch. It ended up working out, and it looks great. But note to self- to measure E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G.

The beauty of the house we bought is it has TONS of storage. We have cabinets leading to our main bathroom. In there, I store workout clothes, PJs, underwear, and jeans. It helps with my closet not looking cramped and cluttered. If you look closely, I still have more hanging space for new clothes (not too many, I know Sara will be reading this).

LINKS: rug / hangers / white storage box / acrlyic shelf riser / jewlery trays / COCO Chanel quote / floral diffuser / cabinet pulls / clutch divider


Well, that’s the walk-in closet makeover! What do you think? Can you believe the before and after?

Thank you so much for stopping by! Have a great day!


SEE MORE HOME DECOR HERE. And for a FULL tour of our home, see the video HERE.

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Maria Munoz

It looks amazing!! I love how every inch of the space was used. Bright + light — looks so beautiful.