What to Pack in Your Hospital Bag

As a mom of soon to be four kids, I have now learned what I do and don’t need. Today I am sharing what to pack in your hospital bag. I have gotten many requests and questions on what to pack in your hospital bag, so I’m spilling the beans and everything I am packing in my bag today! Hopefully, I don’t forget anything. Fingers crossed?!

I also want to mention, I have seen A LOT of hospital bag lists, and some of them STRESS. ME. OUT. The hospital will have a lot of things for you and baby. The more you bring, the more you need to worry about. My tip is to bring things that will help make you and baby comfortable. Most women only stay in the hospital for a few days, so there is no need to bring a hairdryer, or a curler. Like ain’t, nobody got time for that!

What to Pack in Your Hospital Bag by Houston blogger Uptown with Elly Brown

** Duffle bag is no longer available, but this is a cute mommy bag alternative!

First, let’s get to the nitty gritty:

  • You should pre-register at your hospital. I am not sure if it’s like that in all states or even hospitals, but I had to pre-register for my hospital. Once you have done that, you want to make sure you pack your drivers license, insurance card, and any paperwork.
  • Pre-wash yours, hubby’s, and baby’s clothes with baby’s detergent!! You can read more about that here. The reason why I say this, is you will both be holding your baby the most in the hospital, and your baby’s skin is SO sensitive!

Now that you have that done, What should you pack in your hospital bag?

What to Pack in Your Hospital Bag by Houston blogger Uptown with Elly Brown

For Mom

  • Your birth plan (if you have one). Warning, your birth plan may not go according to plan, like in case of an emergency. But it is good to have one! Read more here
  • Don’t forget your essentials and toiletries like glasses, contacts, toothbrush, floss, hairbrush, hair tie, lotion (non-scented for baby).
  • As far as makeup I’m bringing my essential 8. You don’t technically NEED your makeup, but I like to apply something light and it makes me feel better.
  • Delivery Gown; now this is also not a NEED, but I do not like the hospital delivery gowns, so I like to bring my own.
  • Delivery socks; especially if your feet are always cold!
  • Nursing bras; I have some from Kinderly Bravely and love them. HM also has great ones, and don’t forget Target too!
  • Pillows if you have to have yours (I don’t bring mine, I just always ask for extra pillows).
  • Nightgowns and pj’s; ones that are nursing friendly! I am bringing this matching set from Ingrid and Isabel.
  • Don’t forget slippers and shoes for the shower if you are a clean freak like me, ha!
  • Underwear! Many women like the mesh underwear that the hospital gives you. I, however, DO NOT. I’m a very petite person and those mesh panties don’t do a single thing for me. I bring boyshorts and cheeky underwear because I feel like they hold things in for me.
  • Pads; bring different sizes so you can find one that works. The hospital does have pads, but again, for me, they tend to be a bit too big and very uncomfortable.
  • Nipple Cream
  • Bring your Frida Mom Recovery kit. It literally has everything your vag needs for healing!
  • Belly Band; I wore and used one from Brasil that my mother got me with both boys. I put mine on as soon as I can at the hospital. I first started with velcro ones, then move up to the snap ones. But, I would bring the velcro one if you can/want to.
  • Going home outfit; mine will be a matching sweater and jogger set from Aerie.

For baby:

The hospital will have everything you need from diapers, wipes and so on. However, what I do bring is;

  • A going home outfit.
  • Baby book to get handprints and footprints and all the details of the special day!
  • Carseat (that’s already installed in the car ready to go)
  • Diaper Bag (If you want to separate your items from baby)

For Dad:

  • Dad Bag
  • Change of clothes for 2 nights
  • Pjs, socks, shower slippers
  • Toiletries like facial & body soap, lotion, shampoo and anything else he needs.

Misc Items:

  • Phone Charger
  • Camera (and all the right chargers) if you’re going to be taking pictures.
  • Speaking of pictures…if you can, hire a photographer to either shoot the labor and/or the first 24 hours.
  • Gifts for the siblings.
  • A basket of snacks. Every birth I bring a basket of goodies along with a thank you letter to the nurses. They are the unsung heroes who are taking care of my baby, and of course myself.

What to Pack in Your Hospital Bag by Houston blogger Uptown with Elly Brown

There you have it, that is what to pack in your hospital bag. If you have any questions let me know, or if you have any other suggestions comment below so I can add to the list!

Houston blogger Uptown with Elly Brown has learned what she needs to give birth at the hospital and shares what to pack in your hospital bag. Read more!

Thank you for stopping by, and have a great day!

What to pack in your hospital bag for Labor and Delivery | Uptown with Elly Brown
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It’s so thoughtful of you to bring along a goodie back for the nurses and the people who are helping you. You are a lovely person, and are going to be a great mother! 🙂

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Meghan Culpepper

Started packing my hospital bag yesterday & forgot so much of what I packed for my first birth. This list helped to remind me of a lot. Thanks so much! 🙂

Meghan Culpepper

Thank you so much! Wishing you the same thing mama! 🙂


I was curious what size did you get for the nightgowns?


Love your list! I’m working on getting my own list together since I have 7 (or less) weeks left!


I love the idea of being thank-you items for the nurses. I relied on them so heavily with the recent birth fo my first child, and they really are heroes in my eyes. They taught me so much in those first few important days.


Where is your baby bag from? I love it. I am pregnant w/ my third now… looking to start my packing soon.


Thank you so much! We’re having our first in February, and this was very reassuring. On one hand, you have like everything you could possibly need listed here. But on the other hand, it’s not as intimidating a list as I thought it would be. My wife and I are always looking for reassurance on this stuff, so it’s nice to see a real person who’s thought it all out!