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BYOW: White After Labor Day

Have you ever looked up why the rule of “you can’t wear white after Labor Day” before? One thing I love doing is researching fashion and seeing why things are the way they are and this one actually shocked me. Thanks to google I found out that if you wore white after Labor Day it was because you could not afford to get out of town for vacation once summer ended, as well as a way to distinguish new money vs. generational money.

Name a more silly rule. Actually- who remembers black and brown make a frown? Back in the day, you could never wear black and brown 🤪. Seriously, who came up with these?! I do love seeing people throw these outdated rules out the window and wear what they love. Besides, winter white doesn’t get any chicer (is that a word?) than that.

I mention it below, but the key to pulling off white after labor day is opting for thicker and winter fabrics like wool or knit versus your linen fabrics. And of course, not every white after labor day outfit has to be all white, you can incorporate white pieces as you would like. The key here is again going for a different fabric!


4 ways to incorporate white after labor day. First way is with your layering basics

Basics are great to add to your closet to layer and style in more ways than just one! Think of your basics as in layering pieces, or your basic knit or denim dresses, and even your button-ups!


4 ways to incorporate white after labor day. second way is with your outerwear like this zara wool coat

Generally speaking, when you wear white in the winter, your fabric is going to be on the heavier side. Think fabrics like knits, wools, etc. You don’t want to really wear linen in the cold months, and that’s why IMO a stunning wool blend coat is perfect for winter. I love a good winter white outfit!


4 ways to incorporate white after labor day. third way is with your denim

Here in Texas wearing white denim shorts in the fall and winter is a real thing! The heat is sometimes still too much to be in jeans so adding white denim shorts to your closet is a great option if you are in a warmer state like myself. But if you’re in the cooler states, good white denim is great to have even in the winter months!

shoes/ accessories

4 ways to incorporate white after labor day. fourth way is with your shoes and accessories like these knee high boots

Another way to incorporate white after labor day is in your shoes or accessories. And it doesn’t have to be a crisp white, but even an off-white, or cream color works really well! Side note; I am really loving these boots

Will you be wearing white after Labor Day? Let me know below! Thank you so much for stopping by, have a great day!





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