What Moms Really Want for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day still looks a little different for most of us. I would bet to say we all agree that this new normal isn’t what we really want. But we continue to move on, and to see the best in everything, right? To lift your spirits and to give you a good chuckle, I compiled a list of Mom’s REALLY want for Mother’s Day.

I polled you all over on IG, to see what we Mothers REALLY want for Mother’s Day. The consensus is that we want to be left A-L-O-N-E. So men, take note. Take the kids OUT OF THE HOUSE, for at least 4 hours. Make breakfast in bed, draw her a bath and BE GOOONNNE. Can I get an amen?! AMEN!!

I can’t help but LOL at these below. And I hope you do too! Again, I know this isn’t the ideal Mother’s Day, but I hope on this day you feel loved, special. The work of a mother is not easy, it doesn’t end, and many days it can feel mundane, but I hope that on Mother’s Day, you realize how important and special you truly are! 

Houston lifestyle blogger Uptown with Elly Brown shares what Mothers really want for Mother's Day. Click here for a good laugh and more!

What moms really want for Mother’s Day;

  • “Sleep in and wake up to a clean house and all laundry done.”
  • “I would love for my 2-year-old not to lick my face when I’m on the phone.”
  • “A day at the mall by myself with money.”
  • “Would love for my kids to put their shoes on the first time I ask them to before we leave the house.”
  • “I keep saying I want a night in a nice hotel… alone. All the food service! King size bed to myself. Wine! Watch whatever I want! Jammies on. Pick me up at checkout. “
  • “Massage and facial”
  • “Finish my coffee without having to reheat it!”
  • “I want the toys organized and sorted.”
  • “Shark to clean my wood and tile floors.”
  • “A day to relax with no worries! That could include a spa day.”
  • “A tropical vacation BY MY SELF”
  • “To Go to the bathroom in peace.”
  • “I want a whole day at home and do nothing other than eat, sleep, and take multiple uninterrupted baths that include lush bath bombs, music, and wine.”

Houston lifestyle blogger Uptown with Elly Brown shares what Mothers really want for Mother's Day. Click here for a good laugh and more!

  • “Screw the sleeping in, clean house, no kids nonsense. I want a real gift like a new purse or shoes or dresses. Something real that I can hold. A clean house or a morning sleeping in is just one day; I wanna soak that gift in for days to come.”
  • “I want to be able to wear nice nightgowns without my husband assuming we’re having sex. Can’t a girl just want to feel pretty? While she sleeps? I mean, beauty rest…”
  • “I want my husband to take a course on listening. If he actually heard me when I told him I’m having the night from hell, maybe he’d pour a glass of wine instead of trying to jump my bones.”
  • “8 hours of interrupted sleep.”
  • “To go on a walk on my own!!!”
  • “A weekly housekeeper for a month”
  • “Sleep and someone to come to my house to give me a massage and facial.”
  • “No questions for the whole day.”
  • “A nap”
  • “Anything thoughtful from my hubs”
  • ” I want to be off duty for 24 hours.”
  • “Botox and a massage”
  • “I would love for my husband to plan a special day for us as I’m always the one planning, making traditions and telling everyone what to do, sometimes you just want a break and enjoy the day.”
  • “My wish list is a full night sleep and a permanent housekeeper. Literally would trade all the gifts in the world for a housekeeper. Oh, and my husband to put his dirty clothes in the hamper and NOT on the floor next to it.”
  • “What I would love for Mother’s Day it to go get a pedicure manicure and a massage… and not feel guilty while I’m there.”
  • “I want lash extensions and a massage, and lots of cocktails with my girls. Mama needs pampering for a day.”
  • “I’d like to be able to be productive around my house without my kids destroying my house at the same time.”


Happy Mother’s Day to all the beautiful Mothers out there. You are the glue that keeps the family together, you are strong, bold, amazing, and qualified for what you are doing this exact moment.


Thank you so much for stopping by, have a great day!

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